Occult Anatomy

This article has no other ambition but to provide a few interesting information. 

In terms of occult anatomy, the best teachers from the Earth Zone are: Ampholion, Mechebbera, Omama, Paruch and Nearah.

Besides, all the main healers, doctors and physicians from the Earth Zone must be also great experts of occult anatomy too.

Besides, Puer, an intelligence from Venus teaches about divinities within your own microcosm inhabiting various parts of the body. Her teaching is strongly connected to Venus’ healing practices, but can also be adjusted to our world’s reality and our human bodies. This is a very advanced form of magic, which needs to be explored in the future.

Puer’s teaching is closely connected to Taoist magic of inner alchemy and especially to divinities within our bodies. For example, Tai Yi (or Tai Ji), The Great One, as the sum of all things, is also seen as the most important divinity in human body. He unites the trinity of earth, heaven and tao. He rules over five heavenly rulers and four cardinal direction. 

Of course, Franz Bardon, as usual gave us some great hints. Let’s talk about the lungs in occult anatomy. The letter Z has has lemon yellow color. The magician should extend this color to the whole room, in the whole universe, in the body as internal hollow space and also know how to inductively and deductively materialize and dematerialize it (Bardon KTQ). This letter is associated with the air element and should be practiced on the lung region.

It is interesting that related to the lungs already old Romans must have known something about their mystical meanings. For example, the Roman flesh goddess, the carnal queen Carna is the goddess who controls the functioning of the body, including the ability to obtain nourishment from food and the pleasures of the flesh. Although Carna has dominion over the entire corporeal form, she is particularly associated with inner organs, especially the heart, liver, and lungs. Some magicians invoke her assistance with any health issues. She is also petitioned to strengthen health and body in general, especially in terms of the digestive system and the lungs. 

Now, a very interesting Gnostic book, called The Apocryphon of John (The Secret Book of John or The Secret Revelation of John)which was fortunately discovered in 1945, mentions the names of about 100 angels who were present at the time when God Yaldabaoth decided to create Adam.

It looks like that very few people after the discovery of that book tried to go a bit deeper into this matter. So, what those angels did we know from this text, but from nowhere else.

This book was banned by the Church and later forgotten, because it is gnostic and obviously also magical. Just by openly mentioning the names of some other angels besides Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, was enough for the Church to exclude you as the heretic or magician. 

Well, anyway, those 100 angels were not only present at the time of the creation of Adam, but each one of them also created an organ. 

It all started, interestingly with Raphael, who was the first to start working creating the head. In this work, he was mentioned as Raphao. He is certainly even today one of many magician’s favourite spirits in terms of healing.

Back to the lungs, in The Apocryphon of John, Bano was also mentioned as an angel who took part in Yaldabaoths decision to create Adam. Bano created the lungs.

So, due to the respect of the lungs, if something goes wrong with, it might be helpful,` to ask for the help the one who created them in the first place, and it is Bano, together with Raphael, as he was also there on that occasion creating Adam’s head.

I am almost certain that this gnostic text had this healing purpose, among other things it wanted to show, but that we cannot know for certain without practicing. 

Another thing, if you read this cryptic book, you might have a feeling that it also gives a type of instruction, what to do if you would like to make your own effective egregore. 

The link to this interesting book is below


The Apocryphon of John - Marvin Meyer - The Nag Hammadi Library

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