Ships of Love

There are many ships of love in the Venus Zone. I would like to mention a few of those ships, which existence has been spotted by several adept magicians.

The genius of the Venus Zone Ishchoa is among other things also the captain of a giant ship “Queen Z”. He is sailing across the desert. It is being pulled by hundreds of red and purple horses. These horses are giants with twelve legs, with wings tucked away and with three tails. Everything you need for your comfort is here, so don’t hesitate to embark and enjoy the journey.

People onboard Queen Z are singing, dancing, playing board games and drinking. Others are reading, and some are learning tricks and acrobatics.

Ischoa’s assistants are marine officers, sailors, adventurers, explorers and tourists. Together they tour over unexplored parts of Venus. This zone is so vast that there are still many spots which are yet to be charted. Ischoa is the main leader, supervisor and organizer of such expeditions.

Another ship is run by the genius Igea. Many of Igea’s assistants travel all around the Venus’ Zone through the seas, deserts and the sky delivering, teaching, learning, transporting, and in search for some substances which would be useful for their research and work. Some of them travel on very large ships, similar to Queen Z captained by Ischoa. They are some kind of living vessels that carry these spirits and communicate to them directly through vibrations.

The third ship is run by the genius Idovi. There are many ways how to come to Idovi’s region, so you might travel there in a ship made of glass together with many other people. This ship seems to be operating on its own. It just looks like a vessel, but it is actually a portal for the consciousness to get carried through the Universe. It is also an element that Venusians use to help individuals reach their planet. On the arrival each person is assigned to his or her specific spirit to work with.

There is also a ship called Haniel Cruise Ship, also known as the Love Boat. It is a place where you go to explore the law of attraction through beauty, art, enjoyment, and love. The force of attraction is very powerful, especially here. Beauty, art, and music is abundant on the ship. There are also living art spirits there. Just tickle one of characters and see them jump to life out of the artwork. This is a place of pleasure, of enjoying the moment, and using this energy to raise your positive emotions. 

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