Successful Evocation

What exactly does it mean? How do we know if it is a success?

1. You see the spirit.

2. You hear the spirit.

3. You understand the spirit.

4. You hug the spirit.

5. You touch the spirit.

6. If not, you may feel some different sensations from normal in your room or within you. That is still good enough to start with.

7. The spirit might promise to help and teach, and sometimes, ask something in return (usually not that much, often nothing, but it depends on whom you evoked).

8. The spirit likes you and wants to spend time with you (and that may mean many things).

9. The spirit asks you if you want to see where he or she lives.

10. You go there with your astral body.

11. You admire what you see and you go back to share what you are allowed to share.

12. If you have not seen the spirit in your own material world nor you have managed to have the astral projection, at least you will have a lucid dream about that spirit.

13. If you did not have a lucid dream either, probably you will have any other kind of dream…try to remember what it was about or was it magical at all. Try to understand the message of that dream.

If all of these fail, it still does not mean that your evocation was not a success. It might only mean that you are not advanced enough to see or feel the spirit.

Your evocation fails, when you see nothing, feel nothing, when nothing happens, when you struggle and sweat, when you have a bad time during your ceremony, feel exhausted without any feed back from the other side. It most often means that you were just not ready to reach out for the spirit. So, in reality, it is not that the spirit rejected you, but more that you were just not able to observe anything.

Your evocation also fails when the spirit clearly tells you that they do not like to help nor like you. They will explain why is it so if you ask them.

Sometimes can happen that you love some spirits but that they just do not like you. But this can change, so they can accept you even if they rejected you for the first time.


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