Taoists’ Departments

People should behave. If not, there are Taoist Departments of Otherworld to remind them to be decent. Those photos are taken from a wonderful Taoist temple in Beijing. I visit that temple every time when I am in Beijing.

Departments are: Longevity Department, Urging Department, Toxicant Department, Department of Resurrection, Department for Raising Descendents, Departlment in charge for Suffering and Distress, Department for Instant Rewards and Retribution, Egg Birth Department, Department of Bestowing Happiness, Department of Betrayel, Punishment Department, Department for Distribution of Medication, Department for Preservation of Wilderness, interrogation and Eximination Department, Unjust Death Department, Department for Demons and Monsters, Department of Earth Gods, Department for contolling Theft and Robery, Monk and Taoist Priest Department, Abortion Department, Department of Rain Gods, Department for Implementing 15 Kinds of Violent Death, Department of the Hell, Animal Department, Department of Forest Gods and Spirits, Plague Performing Depqrtment, Department for.Examining False Accusations, Deparment of Official Morality, Department of Confessing of Unwarrented Properties, Department for Three Months Long Meditation, Department for Determing Individual Destiny, Department for Recording Merits, Signature Department, Death and Life Department, Department for Giving Aims to Taoist Priests, Scripture Reading Department, Final Indictment Department, Department for Increasing Long Fortune and Longevity, Evidence Department for Issuing a Bad Warrent, Department of Petty Officials, Flying Birds Department, Deep Rooted Disease Department, River Gods Department, Department for Promotion of 15 Decent Life Style, Department for Wandering Ghosts, Department of Wind Gods, Department of Supressing Schemes, Department of City and Township Gods, Department of Mountin Gods, Department for Conteolling Evil Spirits, Door God Department, Department of Reclaiming Life, Department of Opposing Obscene Acts, Department of Halting Distruction of Living Beings, Department of Rewarding Good Conducts, Department of Upholding Loyalty, Department for Individual Destiny, Mammal Birth Department, Water Birth Department, Aquatic Animal Department, Department of areducing Longevity, Jaundice Department, Department of Accumulating Justifiable Wealth, Escorting Department, Department of Judging Intention, Department of Pity and Sympathy, Department of Zhenguan Earth Gods.

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