A year ago, I did not do anything special. Not that I did not evoke any spirit, I did not even meditate nor did any rituals, just nothing. Mundane, so to say.

Yet in the middle of the night, I felt a call – that signal that is often triggering or announcing my out of body experience, so in a few minutes I was out of my body in my room.

I was alone and thinking what to do. It seemed at that moment pointless to me just to wander outside to check out with no real purpose what was going on in that astral region around my building. So, I started thinking hard and also fast what else I could, for example, whom I would like to meet and where would I like to go.

First, I was thinking about calling for one of those 360 heads from the Earth Zone, or some other planets…but could not decide which one.

And I was standing there confused in my etheric room trying to figure out whom I would like to meet, and I was thinking very fast, because I knew that if I kept on waiting like that for a few more moments, I would lose this chance and be quick to be back into my body.

Finally, I started thinking about archangels, and the first one who came up to my mind was Uriel. Of all the famous archangels, Uriel had somehow always been more out of my reach than others.

I used to have contacts with him through meditations, some visions and sporadically by hearing some of his messages, and twice I had seen him from far away when I was on my search to meet one spirit from our Earth and the other from Venus.

At those moments, he was not looking like a human to me, but more like a very tall purple beam of light, so larged that it touched the sky. I could have not known that this light was Uriel if I did not hear a spirit who was by my side at that time telling me: – Look, that is Uriel!

So, back to the story. I made a decision to meet Uriel. I felt there was no way that I could successfully invite him to my room, because I was not ready for that, neither ritually, magically nor psychologically. Besides, my son was sleeping in the room next to mine, so I did not want to wake him up by the presence of an archangel.

So, I told loudly with my whole voice about my decision to meet Uriel, then went out the window, flew several circles around my compound, which looked more or less the same, but still a bit better, and at the same post where a guard from our reality stands, I saw another one, very different though, as he looked more like an angel than the previous one.

After introducing myself, I asked him if he knew where I could find Uriel, and he told me to go straight on and then the next street turn to the right, and there was a building where he would meet me. He was on his way to see me, because he was already informed.

I was very excited, and you know, if you are very excited, the next thing what usually happens to you when you are out of your body is to come back to your body, which was exactly what happened to me too.

So, I came back to my body and into this reality, disappointed.

I could not fall asleep for a longer time. I gave up this OBE and regrettably also the meeting with Uriel. Maybe next time I will be more successful, that is what I was thinking while trying to fall asleep.

However, after I finally did it, I was soon again awake, but in my astral body.

I said at once. Yes, Uriel. I need to see Uriel!

And after a few problematic efforts to open my window, I flew away, again met the same kind guard, and this time, he even followed me directly to Uriel, showed me where he would come from, from which building and from which entrance.

There were some other spirits present too. They all were humanlike. I was waiting trying not to get too excited, as it would probably mean again back to your body you go.

Then, finally one very large spirit, a mighty giant compared to us humans, appeared from that building. He had a very large head. But his face was all smiling. A big smile. Bright eyes.

I smiled too. I asked: Are you Uriel?

But he was not. He passed by me with a smile.

And then immediately after him, another spirit appeared, also smiling. I think he looks absolutely the same as the previous.

He said, yes I am Uriel.

So, I did not say anything. Just watching him in awe.

And he was smiling to me all the time. He said finally to come to him, so I did. Uriel hugged me, told me to open my mouth, then he put me in some medicine, and said, now you are good to go!

So, that is it.

When you have a spontaneous astral projection, you can really use it for something truly fantastic and magical, even if you did not plan anything of it.

I think that this painting from Remedios Varo, Star Maker, 1950s, goes quite well with this post.

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