Aduorpt – Enochian Magic

From my enochian diary

ADUORPT 6-10 December 2018

According to my experience Aduorpt is a female.

(update – the spirit from this painting does not look like her, but some of her ministers are like that).

She rules over the third part of TEX. Her region is Crete. She has 7632 ministers under her rule.

Aduorpt appeared to me as a female angel. She is a lady, benevolent but serios. Aduorpt wears an old-fashioned dress. She is a queen of water. She is a master of water elements in TEX and also has great knowledge of all of the waters of our physical plane.

She told me that she can help the magician find lost ships and airplanes. Aduorpt showed me maps and pointed out with her finger where some lost ships and airplanes could be found.

She can stop floods and make rains. She can send her ministers to help people during flooding.

She can explain differences between geography of the physical plane and georgraphy of TEX. In some places they overlap but in others they differ.

She can also be an excellent teacher of history of Crete and the Mediterranean Oceans.

If the magician would be interested in that subject, Aduorpt might disclose all ancient rites and mysteries from that part of the world.

Aduorpt can also help the magician to establish contact with many sea creatures, visible and invisible.

She is a queen of all sea creatures from TEX.

She confirmed to me that TEX is the same as the lower part of the Earth Zone or Malkuth.

Опис фотографије није доступан.

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