When People Cursed the Angels

Yes, there were times when people cursed the angels. In Christianity, there are many saints, but only a few angels, and only those who appear by name in the Bible. One of the reasons for that is that people cursed them. Well, let’s see how it happened.

In the 8th century, believers began to worship angels more and more en masse, which led to the “excessive production” of new angel names. Irritated by this, the Church forbade the invocation and veneration of all angels, except for those mentioned in the Bible (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael). Pope Zacharias convened a Church Council in Rome in 745, at which seven high angels were condemned to curse: Uriel, Raguel, Inias, Adimus, Simiel, Tubuael and Sabaot.

Bishops Clement and Adalbert, who preached the veneration of those angels, were condemned as heretics. It is interesting that the church has not fundamentally changed its attitude towards angels as it had in 745, and as things stand, it never will, regardless of whether it is Catholic, Orthodox or whatever.

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