Teaching about the Aeons was the most important part of the early Christian gnostic cosmology, so not surprisingly it was forbidden by the Church, alongside with all Gnostics.

As the keys are lost, according to my little

personal experience, if you are within Theletos and Makariotes, there is nothing to be seen and found. However, I feel I have no key. And that is the reason. I just can’t.

The point is to reconnect to higher Sophia from the lower Sophia, where we are, and then to reach out to all other 29 Aeons with Bythos on the top, and

merge into Fullness ~Pleroma.

I have not been consistant in my experimentations with the aeons, and I was not able to really get anyone interested in this practice.

Maybe, one day…

Anyway, at once you could find some common numbers here, like 30 aethyrs and 30 ladders of stairway to heaven.

Good old aeons…so amazing, so forgotten and so far away.

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