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Franz Bardon’s autobiography “Frabato the Magician” was posthumously completed and compiled by his secretary Otti Votavova.

Otti Votava generally seems not to be appreciated much by Bardonian circles. There is also a saying that her interpretation of Bardon’s autobiography is odd, false or wrong. But I think that she did her best to compile the teaching of Franz Bardon in accordance to her own abilities and capabilities.

She was for sure very truthful to Bardon. But maybe she could not express her master’s teachings the best way. Otherwise, I think that she did a good job. This book is a very interesting reading to me.

In this book, there is an interesting description of Bardon’s encounter with spiritual masters in the Holy Temple of the Brothers of Light. Every nation and race was represented there and all of the brethren had taken their usual seats. Bardon took his seat too, the last brethren arrived, and the Assembly began. The world was facing a difficult future (WWII ?), and their task was to “ensure a certain equilibrium”. Their missions were difficult and demanded hard work from each and every one of them. And the first who were given the tasks were “the 360 masters”.

Franz Bardon said that he had had many such meetings, but that this one was very special because on that occasion, he received a very special task.

The hierarchy of that brotherhood presents at the meeting was as follows:

– Their superior is the Wise Man of Mountain, Old Master, Prime Initiator since the beginning of the world, with a rank equal to a Mahatma.

– 12 subordinate adept who have reached the highest spiritual perfection.

– 72 wise men or enlightened people

– 360 masters

As one of the 72 wise men, Franz Bardon was one step higher in the hierarchy of the brotherhood above the 360 masters.

In this autobiography, Bardon explains that the Brotherhood of Light is a spiritual organization which consists of the highest initiates of our cosmic system. He points out that only those who has mastered and are able to practice the first three leaves of the Book of Wisdom have access to this brotherhood.

The expression “our cosmic system” obviously stands for “the Solar system” (as there are cosmic systems beyond Saturn which are vaguely ours) and through this perspective, the organisation of the Brotherhood of Light below the Prime Initiator consists of the following hierarchy:

– 12 representatives of Jupiter

– 72 representatives of Mercury

– 360 representatives of the Earth

It is not clear why 28 representatives of the Moon, 90 of Venus, 45 of the Sun, 36 of Mars, 49 of Saturn were not mentioned as the memebers of the Brotherhood of Light.

After all, it was Otti, Bardon’s secretary who compiled Bardon’s autobiography and it is possible that she omitted to give us more detailed information on this hierarchy. Maybe she did not understand this hierarchy properly. Maybe she thought that such information would be boring for many readers. Who knows?

Franz Bardon, as one of 72 wise men, was obviously a high representative of one of 72 genii of Mercury (or Shemhamephorash if you like).

Franz Bardon tells very little about this order. He said that the members of lower degrees carry out the so called St. John’s evocations on 21 of June, when they send three wishes into the invisible astral world. And he also adds this ritual is strictly kept secret among the Brothers of the Light.

He also says that only a few people on Earth belonged to this order. It’s highly probable that Bardon received as a young member first information about 360 heads of the Earth Zone and 72 genii of Mercury and intelligence of other planets by some older members of the Brothers of the Light.

He advanced very fast – in the 1930s – when he was still just in his twenties – he already had thousands of spirit beings as his friends and servants.

The membership of the Brotherhood of light is according to Bardon’s secretary organised according to this pattern :





– Their superior is the Wise Man of Mountain, Old Master, Prime Initiator since the beginning of the world, with a rank equal to a Mahatma.

– 12 subordinate adepts who have reached the highest spiritual perfection.

– 72 wise men or enlightened people

– 360 masters

Bardon’s secretary could not have imagined those things. Who could have such a vivid imagination?

She obviously heard something about it directly from Bardon and later revealed this information in her book.

And Bardon in this hierarchy is one of the 72 ” wise men”.

At that time magical organisations tended to have a limited and specified number of members. Bardon’s opponent lodge had 99 members. Even some Bridge clubs at that time had limited number of members: usually 72 or 12.

How many members did Brotherhood of Light have at Bardon’s time we don’t truly know, but Bardon’s secretary gave us an idea.

I think it is obvious that the membership’s pattern was organised according to the axiom “as above so below” and my assumption is that Brotherhood of Light might have had more members than 1+12+72+360 and that it was actually organised like this:










But be it 1+2+72+360

or 1+12+49+45+36+90+72+28+360

the MAIN point is that the pattern “as above so below” was revealed indirectly in Bardon’s second book and directly by his secretary.

Has this pattern ever worked or not is another question.

Why is this pattern not working today, I don’t know. But most obviously it doesn’t.

But the meaning is that it should.

This concept of membership was most probably planned by Bardon or some of his teachers or colleagues from this magical organisation.

And probably it did not survive WII.

Lets bring in some more light into this question, my friends.

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