I am coordinating a group of spiritual seekers from ex-Yugoslav republics. Our first goal was to explore Atlantis.

Atlantis is real, still existing as a region of the Earth Zone. 

Members of this Franz Bardon group, if you want, we can organize similar joint explorations, as a way to further progress. 

Here is my first report about our Atlantis travel. 

Report from the First Journey to Atlantis

Date: June 30, 2021, at 11:55 p.m.

Participants: Adela Brkić, Letic Pedja Predrag, Svetlana Keleman, Zvijezdana Gmižić, Iva Sestic, Josip Valčićak, Adela Agić, Zeljana Maric Ferli, Verica Zlatković, Nenad Djordjevic Talerman

Astrological aspect: Excellent time choice for astral adventure: Month of conjunction Neptune in Pisces (Ivan Vidanović)

The building

Large hall. It looks like a square with tall white pillars. The walls were, since there was no colors at first, dark between gray and brown. It is not easy to describe that color. A large table is set in the middle. There is another table too. At the beginning, the hall is empty, with a dim light, it is not known where it comes from. You can’t see the colors well. They are mostly shades of black and white. No bright color is noticed. Everything is pastel, but sometimes dark blue and white begin to predominate. The whole room is suddenly filled with dark blue light, which somehow shines positively. Immeasurable peace and harmony reign in the room. In the center of the hall, the light is shining on the round stage. The roof cannot be seen. 

The land:

The coast is full of high rocks. On the side of the path grows wild flowers and herbs that smell very strong. It is very steep and all the way there is a view of other similar islands. Maybe that part of the island is used for energy production. On a cliff in a rather bare landscape without greenery, some triangle-shaped aircraft fly.


There is a shipwreck in the water. There is treasure in the ship. The ship is brown in color and there is everything on it. Some sea monsters attack submarines and ships approaching the treasure.

People and other entities:

[Three entities arrive. On the left stands a person alone, a step away from the other two people who were closer to each other.

That person on the left has long black hair. And according to body language, it would be said that she is very active. The other two have short hair, and one of them probably had blonde hair.

People are gradually gathering. They stand and talk, mentally. They are mostly airy, it is difficult to describe the material, they are dressed in whiter shades.

An elderly polished gentleman shows the value of the dishes placed on the table. He is in his sixties. He has short hair and a slightly elongated face. He has a nice gray short goatee with a nice mustache slightly bent upwards. He explains something, but it is not heard. He just opens his mouth as if you are not allowed to hear him. 

As he talks, only one person listens to him, and the others were uninterested.

At one set table, one of the servants was talking to some of the astral travelers.

Two bald men in long brown tunics did not speak.

An old man with extremely light skin, long white hair and a grandfather with a frosty beard appear. He is dressed in a long white-blue dress that emits some milky light. He doesn’t say anything, that is, his thoughts can’t be heard, he just watches in silence.

In the center of the hall, a light shines on which is a round stage and on which an older man sits and meditates.

Atlanteans look somehow very modern and very retro at the same time. They have a somehow brighter path than us, and that is the main difference.

Guardians are also displayed. Among them is a creature 4-5 meters high. He is something between a human and a rhinoceros head: Short pointed ears, two small round eyes and a horn instead of a nose. The horn is not large and is proportional to the size of the head. Black hair protrudes from his head, something between a hedgehog and a small Iroquois hairstyle. His skin color is brownish-green, a kind of strange hue. He makes no sounds, but his thoughts are clear. Strange it is all without the slightest noise.

Sea monsters also appear. They sink those submarines and ships that would accidentally land near the sunken Atlantis. This kind of protection of Atlantis ceased in 1990. It is now much easier to detect it in both astral and physical reality.


– The notebook is written in some very strange letters. Those letters don’t seem to exist anymore, and maybe it was a letter from Atlantis.

– It’s nice to take a lotus flower with you to Antlantid.

– The way of making magic scepters, ie sticks worn by high priests.

– Why and how did the wrong direction of the civilization of Atlantis come about? Favorable weather lines have faded, new conditions have arisen, unfavorable, man has lost contact with the creative reflection, people have begun to “not see”, images have become distorted, and then begins a stumble which was a process that ended in a big explosion which is conditioned by the movement of tectonic plates and sinks.

– The boundaries of Atlantis go through tectonic plates. What was outside the borders of Atlantis has survived and probably still exists as a mainland.

– Mystery of colors – in most cases black and white, shades of black and white, if they are very light in color, and if they are dark, mostly blue.

– The mystery of sound – it is not heard, it is hard to hear, and if it is heard, it is strangely heard.

– Dark – After traveling to Atlantis, there is a tendency into sinking into darkness of a very deep sleep.

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