Memory Practice (PME)

Memory practice

Soon after reading Bardon’s book on evocation for the first time, I closed the book and tried to remember as many heads of the Earth Zone as possible, but came just around maybe twenty of them. Then I took a paper and pencil, thought hard and probably managed to come up with maybe ten more. So, this became my practice, which I usually performed when I was waiting in line, travelling or attending boring meetings.

So, during the packing a few days ago, I found an old notebook about this practice ~ you see the lists attached.

After a while, I could remember most of them, but even if I tried it out now, I do not think I would be able to mention them all 360, especially after a few years break from this practice, but I will try it soon again.

Why is this practice good?

1 Memory – I call it memory practice, but it is not only that, and I do not think that it helps so much directly in improving memory in general, but it does improve it in specifically this kind of hermetic work, wich indirectly can help in memorizing other things.

2. You really get very much more involved into the world of magic from Earth Zone attracring all of the influences from Bardon’s work and all spirits involved.

3. Progress in understanding the topic is fast.

4. Often your efforts to memorize transform into meditations, contempletations, lucid dreaming, visions and even evocations.

5. You will see that some spirits you will remember all the time, others sometimes, and a few never, which all would mean how much you are close to them and influencenced by them.

6. You really start understanding the nature and structure of their names.

7. Sometimes, it happens that you mention a name of a spirit which you are 100% that it is in Bardon’s list, but it is not. One of such example in my case is Rigor. I was shocked to discover that he had not been mentioned by Bardon, because I was listing him for a few years, evoking him as well as one of the heads too.

Well, why dont you try it out and see how it goes?

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