Argilo from the Earth Zone

Argilo is a magnificently beautiful queen of love. She likes to see people happy. This head helps the magicians maintain good relationships with their family members, as this in many cases is an important precondition for a successful spiritual work. Her subordinate spirits are lovely people, beautiful fairies and adorable animals. They populate the mental, astral and physical planes of the Earth Zone. In fact, they can be found wherever there is love and friendship. Dedicate 16° Aries to Argilo. Surprise someone with a nice present. Revive your love relation with something romantic, new and exciting. Help a friend in need or ask a friend for help if you need it. Communicate with Argilo about your obstacles which stand on your way to happiness. She is uplifted by beautiful romantic songs and attached to paintings celebrating love, friendship and spring (like the attached Botticelli). She will also probably give you her special sigil under the seal of secrecy, only for you to use when you want to contact her. She may also suggest you to reserve a special crystal as your own private special link to her.

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