Jonion – The Earth Zone – Reincarnations

When Franz Bardon wrote about Lotifar, the protector of suicidal people, he also mentioned this:

“When the suicide awakes from his state of twilight sleep,

another head who is responsible for the reincarnation of man,

starts looking after him. That head then sees to it that the suicide

is embodied into circumstances under which he is able to catch up

truly what he should have learned on earth by his fate. “

Franz Bardon did not tell who this head is. This head does not only deal with suicides, but with all people who are about to be reincarnated.

That head is Jonion.

There are also a few other heads who are in charge of reincarnations, but Jonion is focused on giving last instructions and trainings to the people who are about to be born.

Does it always go smoothly? Certainly not. People have free will, and all the heads respect that. So, when one soul is on its way to be born again, it can change its mind, saying like, no, I do not want to be born into this family because they are so poor, I do not want to be born into this nation, I do not want to live in this country, it is too tough fpr me, I thought I could make it, but now I think I cannot, let’s try something else…

Well, such rearrangements caused by changing their minds can be done and discussed while this person is with Jonion and his spirits in their region, but if the newborns are about to change their minds while they already are on their way to their new mothers’ wombs, then this creates a lot of problems, resulting in the fetus’ or sometimes even mother’s death.

Some spirits when they are on their way to be born, they even change their minds multiple of times thus creating all kinds of confusion and problems. As they would have to be born somewhere, they then have finally no other choice but to choose whatever or whoever. This does not happen so rarely.

Anyway, in most of the cases, people do not change their minds. So, they are born into the families in the way how it was previously discussed with and organized by Jonion and some of his many subordinate spirits and assistants.

If you would like to know exactly what happened to you during a few years time before you were born, Jonion can show this to you.

In my case, I was born in Belgrade in 1970, and Jonion showed me how this city looked like in 1969.

I simply fell in love with this city how it was in 1969, but karmic reasons prevailed.

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