Scrying – One Method

A method of evocation: Through scrying with your closed eyes

A friend asked me about this question, so I replied to him that there are many possible ways of communicating with a spirit and that one of them is also through scrying with you closed eyes. But what does it mean and how to achieve it?

1. You are in your circle. Spirit is in your triangle. You feel it, but cannot see it.

2. Relax and stop thinking. Easy to say, but not easy to do. Many different methods have been suggested how to still your mind, but I think that the best one is to focus on your breath. Direct all of your thoughts towards your breath. Transform yourself into your inhaling and exhaling and be your breath. Eventually, you will not only be stop thinking, but in the meantime you will be also slowly changing your state of consciousness.

3. At first, with your closed eyes, it can be so that there is nothing in there, just a black picture, like when you have your TV turned off.

4. Then something might be start happening from that blackness. You may see one spark of green light here and another spark of red light there. Then you may see many sparks and spots. They may just stay on one place or glide around either slowly or fast, sometimes chaotically or according to some pattern like they are playing a game. They all do it in the dark background.

5. The background is still dark, but now you may also see something more than just spots or sparks. You may see a few candles burning, a few crystals, small pyramids or other geometrical shapes or strange clouds with different colours. What are they doing there? Ask yourself later. At this moment, don’t ask anything. Whatever it is, keep it calm. If you do not, but get excited or become too curious instead, you will destroy your vision and so you will also spoil your attempt to communicate with the spirit.

6. With your sight go more into the darkness beyond those geometrical shapes, candles, lights, clouds, sigils, symbols. Now it seems like that you will start having first real visions, but don’t get excited over it either, as you will again spoil your encounter with the spirit. Focus on your breath instead, be your breath, and don’t think about anything else. Watch it with no emotions.

7. Your eyes are closed, but it is not black or dark any more, observe, try to remember what you are seeing for later, don’t show any emotions, try to sharpen your vision like you are adjusting your TV screen.

8. Now the picture is much clearer.

9. Your eyes are able to see everything around you, even though they are closed. You see your room and some things more than you would you usually see in it.

10. You can now clearly see everything from this world which is around you and more than that, which actually means that you have opened up your “third eye”.

11. What you see is your etheric room.

12. Look for the spirit you evoked. Do not be impatient if you do not see it at first. Relax and continue to watch your triangle.

13. The spirit is there, but it might have taken time for two of you do adjust the right frequency in which you could see each other and communicate. Do not get excited, frightened, after all the spirit is there because you evoked him.

14. The meeting is real. Messages are clear. Communication is established.

15. Now, you can also decide to move out from your body, which sometimes may be as easy as stepping out of your bed.

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