I have heard people asking many questions about Aziel.

People are often confused. To some Aziel is their guardian angel, but to others he is a fallen angel.

Who is Aziel then? It depends.

When you say, it depends, people usually ask you to be more specific. So this article is meant to hopefully clarify this confusion.

Aziel is the ninth Shemhamphorash angel. Aziel’s three letter name is actually HZI. Hence, his alternate name is Heziel. His English epitaph is The Merciful God and his Latin epitaph is Deus Misericors. He can be a guardian angel to some people too.

He sometimes appears in a very friendly shape as a bearded old man with a big hat. He can also come in as a corpulent nobleman or a judge with very handsome face and white curly hair. He is a very friendly angel. He is the angel of peace, mercy and justice.

However, there are several different spirits with the same name.

Aziel is also the name of one of the seven Princes from The 6th and 7th Books of Moses alongside with: Marble, Ariel, Marbuel, Mephistophiles, Barbuel, Aziabel (or Aniquel).

Aziel is also the name of the head of 25th Mansion of the Moon. Franz Bardon calls him Lavemezhu.

Aziel as the head of the 25th Mansion of the Moon and Aziel as the 9th Shem angel has little in common, except for that same name.

Aziel from the Moon is often depicted as a shaman. In his human form, he sometimes looks like an Aztec chief. In his non-human forms, he can appear as a plant with a face of a man or a plant with many faces. Aziel’s faculties revolve around teaching about plants.

On the other side, the Shem angel Aziel is from Mercury, but his

origin temples and universities are in Chokmah, so you may ask Aziel to help you when you explore that part of the Tree of Life. He is the bringer of power and knighthood. This righteous angel is also periodically in the charge of the Court of Divine justice. He gives his swords to carefully selected people, in hope that they will protect justice wherever it is missing.

So, if you are not careful, you might end up cultivating your garden instead of solving legal problems and spreading peace around the world, which might not be that bad after all, but it could make you wondering what might have gone wrong with your magic.

To make it worse, there are different spirits whose names are similar with Aziel. If you evoke one of such spirits, instead of glorious and noble Aziel, you may end up with a creature described as having three bearded heads, a feminine body and serpentine fingers or fishy tails.

So, let’s mention some of the spirits with similar names.

Asael is a watcher mentioned in Enoch books. He is Semyaza’s ninth subordinate. He taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives and shields, and women the art of ornamenting the body, dyeing the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows. He also revealed the secrets of witchcraft.

Asael is so closely related to Azael, that they might be the same spirit, but maybe they are not.

Namely, Azael is also one of the princes of Gregori. According to the rabbi’s lore, Azael is chained on sharp stones, somewhere in the desert, awaiting the last judgement.

Then we also have Azazel. He is a leader of Beni Elohimi. Hofniel is also mentioned as another leader of this magical order.

One of the darkest spirits whom you might confuse with Aziel is another Azazel; not this glorious Beni Elohimi angel, but a dark lord.

Azazel is a dark lord of Thaumiel, having great authority over djinn and demons as well. He is considered the lord of the Se’irim [goat demons]. He knows the journey of the black flame and the journey of the black sun and he has gained the wisdom of darkness. He was said to be able to act as a guide helping people through the darkness of their soul and helping them to find balance. He has tanned skin and medium length, spiked black hair. His wings are red and black in color and he has black horns that curve upwards from his head. His eyes are a deep, sapphire blue. He is very well dressed and usually wears darker clothes and clothing that has a very regal feel.

Let’s mention at the end also Asassayel, who is an angel of Jupiter according to Liber Iuratus Honorii. He gives love, gladness, and favours. He also brings flowers, herbs and leaves. His region is between the East and South. His color is like the colour of heaven, or like a crystal.

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