Astral Projection in 280 steps

I just wrote something that I had in mind for a very long time.

This is instruction in 280 steps on how to achieve conscious astral projection.

Very soon I will be in a position to support people to go through all of those steps one by one in the form of a course which will take about 100 days.

Some of those steps are theoretical and other practical

I Theory – duration around 7 days

1. Recommended books and articles about astral projections

2. Recommended web-sites about astral projection

3. Astral projection – historical examples

4. Recommended public forums about astral projection

5. Alternate names for astral projection in history

6. Franz Bardon about astral projection

7. The basic difference between astral projection and other experiences, such as meditation, vision, evocation and lucid dreams.

8. Basic differences between astral projection and mental projection.

9. Basic occult anatomy – etheric body

10. Basic occult anatomy – astral body

11. Basic theoretical understanding of the etheric plane

12. Theoretical understanding of the astral region

Observation: you will always need to go back to theory during this course.

Theory and practice should always go hand in hand.

II Overcoming psychological barriers – 2 days of contemplation

13. Everybody can astral project because it is in human nature

14. Astral projection is magical and it certainly makes you more special compared to who you were before you learned how to do it

15. You are not more special compared to others only because you know how to astral project and others cannot

16. You improved in one magical field, which is astral magic, but there are still 71 other magical fields where you might leg behind.

17. You are not better magician than others who cannot astral project.

18. You are no angel, crystal child nor prodigy of any kind only because you know how to astral project.

19. If you are no better than others, it certainly does not mean that you are worse than others only because you can astral project.

20. If you are not an angel, you are certainly not a demon either.

21. You are blessed and not cursed.

22. You need to learn how to defend your knowledge because you will be certainly be in position to be attacked by many kinds of different people.

III Social barriers – 2 days of contemplation

23. You might expect to be laughed at by all kinds of people, including your family members, relatives, workmates, and even other magicians.

24. Dealing with isolation and not-understanding from other people is possibility.

25. It is also quite possible that people might just ignore you.

26. You will probably need to share your experiences with others, so you might start searching for some new like-minded people.

27. Be careful how you share this knowledge with children and teenagers because this is magic and as such can strongly backfire.

28. It could be problematic four your marriage if your spouse rejects your interests in astral magic

29. You will need to learn to whom you may share your experience and to what extent.

30. Start a magical diary – astral magic will teach you that you are your best friend.

IV Religious barriers – 2 days of contemplation

31. Astral projection is often deemed as something evil by different religions, caused by the Devil and other malicious entities.

32. Some Priests might say that it is Divine experience, but they will not call it astral projection, but maybe Divine vision, but they will also say that you are not worth of such Divine experience

33. They would say that it is something exclusively reserved for prophets and saints.

34. If your priest did not have astral projection, especially then he will not acknowledge that you had it.

35. If your priest happened to have it, he might say that his was real as it came from the grace of God, but that yours is not real, or is a devilish thing.

36. You might be expected to be ostracized from your religious community.

37. People might tell you that you are possessed by demons, and some of them will give you “friendly” advise to search for an exorcist

38. You might expect to lose many religious friends

39. If your family is religious, that will not make things easier

40. You will need to learn to whom you’d better not share your stories, and this will most likely include most of the priests and religious people

41. This does not mean that among the priests won’t be anyone who would be very happy to hear your stories and eventually become your friends.

42. Buddhists tend to be more relaxed about it, but even they are expected to reject astral projection mostly as an illusion or vanity.

43. Esoteric religious traditions are different. Most of them will welcome you to tell your stories about astral projections.

44. In most of today’s world, you wouldn’t be burn at stake as a witch, but you might be excommunicate in one way or another.

45. All in all, probably it is most possible that religious people and priests would just totally ignore your stories

V New Age obstacles – 1 day

46. New Age tends to simplify many subjects including astral projection

47. In New Age there is little to no distinction between astral projection and lucid dreaming

48. Many New Agers are often afraid of astral projection because they tend to connect it with demonic activities and malevolent forces

49. Of those New Agers who know how to astral project, many think that they are very special, so they call themselves angels, crystal children, indigo parents or something similar.

50. Even if they know how to astral project, they will usually never connect it to cabala, tarot, hermetism, evocations of spirits, planetary magic or any other sacred knowledge and spiritual tradition.

51. Many of them even think that they are the only one who can do it and no one else in the world.

52. Even if they cannot do it, they will say they can.

VI Science and obstacles – 2 days of contemplation

53. The problem with science is that it rejected alchemy, magic, hermetism and methaphysics a few centuries ago.

54. Magic is superstition according to science.

55. Magic is also a pseudo-science.

56. If you say to a scientist that you can astral project, you will most likely be categorized as a fool and be mocked.

57. Tell this to psychiatrists, and they might prescribe you some medicine for thinking that you are schizophrenic or with some othre mental disease.

58. There will be very little or no distinction between you who can astral project and others who have mental problems, according to many modern physicists.

59. Not all scientists are against magic, as many of them are magicians too, but if you want to speak about your astral experiences with them, you will need to strengthen you magical authority anyway.

VII Obstacles from some magicians – 2 days of contemplation

60. To some magicians astral projection is not real, it is just fantasy

61. They say that it is UPG – Unverified Personal Gnosis, and as such cannot be proven to be true nor trusted

62. Some magicians with no experience with astral projection tend to mix it up with meditation or lucid dreams

63. Some of them reject it as a part of New Age

VIII Fears – contemplation 2 days

64. Astral Projection goes together with a fear of death.

65. Soul might survive death, but the physical body won’t, hence it developed defending mechanism against any attempt to have astral projection, so for it is a signal that it is going to die. It is probably in our DNA.

66. During the attempt to achieve astral projection, you may feel sudden need to itch, drink water, go to the toilet, just move your body for some or no reason, panic attack, anxiety, etc.

67. You may fear that you would not come back

68. There is also a fear of the unknown, dark, possible eruptions of all possible different phobias, etc.

69. There is also a fear of demons and evil spirits

70. You might also fear that you are doing something which is forbidden.

IX Preparations – 7 days

65. Do not drink any alcohol at least 7 days before the evocation

66. Eat normally and healthy, but skip dinner if you want to astral project the same night

67. Avoid arguments of any kind and with anybody during the day when you intend to achieve astral projection

68. Listen to music recommended by the teacher and also music you like before astral projection

69. Uplift yourself with some good spiritual literature that day

70. Watch some inspiring movies or documentary

71. Inflame your soul with prayers (the Psalms are for example very spiritual and magical)

72. Spend more time in nature the day you plan to achieve astral projection

73. Meditate that day often

X Ceremony and rituals – 7 days

74. Protect yourself with the Lunar and Mars Pentacles

75. Have a sword near you ready, if it can make you feel at ease

76. Be ready to use God’s names in the case of a demonic attack.

77. You can also astral project nearby icons and statues of saints and angels

78. You can also put a ball of salt in the middle of your room

79. You can take a cross with you, as many malevolent spirits dislike it

80. As many benevolent spirits also dislike a cross, because in its name many witches and magicians were killed, use it only in danger

81. Light a candle before astral projection

82. If you are alone during astral projection, you will need to put out the candle fire

83. Remember to protect, but do not protect too much, because you are actually trying to perform astral projection, which won’t be possible if you are too grounded and protected from all sides.

84. Choose one crystal to all of your astral projection, the more you use it, the more power it will give.

85. It is best to choose a white quartz, because it is the most transparent and neutral of all crystals and stones, which is ideal to impregnate it for any kind of magical purposes, which in this case is astral projection

86. You can also use your aluminium, as it is also neutral and has great power to transmit energy and make astral projections easier

87. Place some other magical tools around you witch you like, such as a crystal ball, magic mirror, chalice, wand etc.

XI Body position- during astral projection attempts – the objective is to success within 100 days

88. If you usually lie down with your head towards the East, do it now towards the West, or vice verse. Alternatively, change South to North or vice verse. It does not really matter where to, just make a change.

89. Bring your bad closer to the alter

90. Bring your bad next to the window

91. Make sure that all of your magical tools are nearby

92. Lie down on your back

93. Do not move to itch, drink water, go to the toilet or for any other or no reason at all

94. Body will make all kinds of excuses to move, do not let it.

95. Quite your mind.

96. First think about good things only, later do not think about anything

97. Always keep this idea in back of your mind that you are attempting astral projection, but not think about it.

98. Quite your mind by focusing on your breathe (be the same as your breathe when you breath in and breath out)

99. If you move just a little, you go back to the beginning if you were close to achieve astral projection

XII Sensations and visions – The objective is to success within 100 days

100. By focusing on your breath, you will be slowly entering a trance

101. Entering a trance is a process and your mind need to be in the control

102. Your eyes are closed, but you will start seeing colorful spots standing or moving around in the black background – observe but do not think about it

103. Those spots might start moving faster and circling around, and some other things will also appear, such as squares, circles, triangles and other geometrical forms – observe but do not think about it

104. Next, you might see visions of people and landscapes, but static, as in photograph – observe, but do not think about it, do not get excite about it

105. Those photographs can start moving around, now it will be like you are watching a movie – do not movie, and remember, do not be excited

106. Now, not only that you are watching, you are in the movie – look around what is going on, but do not get excited

107. The point is to got through all of those visions. Enjoy, but do not get stuck. Remember, if you think about what you are seeing and get excited, it will be over, and you will need to start your astral projection anew right from the beginning.

108. At one moment, you will see your room, which might shock you the first time, as you realize that your eyes are closed

109. So, you are seeing with your closed eyes, which means that your third eye has just been opened.

110. The room that you are seeing is almost just like yours. There will be some things in it which you do not have in your physical reality, and maybe a few things will be missing.

111. This is your etheric room

112. You are in your etheric body

113. Now, stand up

114. It can be as easy as getting up in your physical body, but sometimes much more difficult

115. In any case, you have just achieved your out of body experience, but it is not astral projection yet.

116. As it is happening in the etheric room and you are in your etheric body what you have just achieved is etheric projection.

XIII Evoking a spiritual guide – the objective is to success within 100 days

117. We have many spiritual guides, and some of them are guardian genii.

118. Purpose of a guardian genius is to watch over its protégée, to guide and to inspire him. 119. According to Franz Bardon, in accordance with the development and the karma, this being can be a deceased person or else an intellectual entity not embodied on this planet. In any case, they are very closely related to us for some reason, and they are great helper during astral projection.

119. So, before your attempt to achieve astral projection, ask your spiritual guide to help you.

120. You can conjure your spiritual guide like this: “I invoke the power of Adonai Malek, so that I may meet my spiritual guide because I need his help to achieve astral projection.”

121. During your attempts to have astral projection, when you are nearing a trance, you may clearly hear your spiritual guide’s steps on the floor coming close to you.

122. Do not be afraid. After all it is you who have evoked him.

123. Do not threaten him

124. Be brave and welcome him in

125. His energy might be otherworldly and different from what you have experienced, but he is not a demon arriving there just to harm you

126. If you are well protected with your talismans, and if you learned how to use God’s names, you do not need to worry much anyway.

127. He can touch you giving your great energy that you need for astral projection

128. He can give you water to drink, as you take your arm to get it, you will then realize that it is your astral arm, so it will be easy for the rest of your body to get up

129. Your spiritual guide make a phone call, so when you get up to reach your phone, you will realize that you are in your astral body

130. He can just snap with his fingers and say, ‘OK, lets’ get up. It’s time’, or something similar.

XIV Evocation and astral projection – the objective is to success with at least one evocation within 100 days

131. Many spirits can help you with astral projection.

132. Ebaron, Herich, Nelion and Erimihala are the best teachers of astral projection in the Earth Zone.

133. If you already have a close connection with a spirit, ask him or her help you with astral projection.

134. Lunar spirits are especially helpful in this respect.

135. You will need to catch the right frequency with the spirit.

136. Each spirit has his or her own teaching models, which highly depend on their special faculties.

137. They can appear as human teachers in your room.

138. Then they can help you achieve astral projection and guide your astral body to their schools or temples from their astral region. Teaching can also be held in other places like in caves, fields, woods, city halls, etc.

139. This spirit and you may end up talking to each other and exchange ideas about some topic or he can appear with his assistants and other spiritual masters.

140. The spirit can arrange some adventures for you to check your level, maturity and skills.

141. Journeys are also arranged by spirits, so that you learn from and enjoy through different planes of existence.

142. Sometimes, you do not see them, but can hear their voice or music.

143. Sometimes, you do not see them, but can see their talismans, symbols, books or other things related to his magic.

144. They can arrange for you to read astral books, watch otherworldly performances, visit astral art galleries, etc.

145. Some of them may decide to transfer their knowledge to you, through, for example, merging themselves with you. But that knowledge you will need to discover within you and reveal progressively, little by little, day by day.

146. Evocation is as if you are inviting a spirit to be your guest, and astral projection as being invited to be a guest in the spirit’s region.

XV Astral projection from lucid dream – the objective is to success within 100 days

147. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are in the dreamworld dreaming

148. When you lucid dream, you may decide to make astral projection from your dreaming

You can ask your spiritual guardian to help you in the name in the name of Adonai Malek, Archangel Sandalphon and the angelic order of the Ashim by saying: “I would like my guardian angel to appear in my dream to help me achieve astral projection”

149. You can also do it by yourself for example by saying: “I want to achieve astral projection”

150. You may start travelling, for example by passing through some walls or windows, which is a sign that you are leaving your dreamworld behind and that you are entering the astral region.

151. If you are already good at lucid dreaming, astral projection will most probably be for you easier to achieve from a dream state than from a trance.

XVI Astral temple – the objective is to make at least one within 100 days

152. Your room is your astral temple

153. Astral temple can also be of various other kinds

154. Astral temples can also be some or all of the flats that you have ever lived in your life.

155. Your astral temples can also be located in some regions of the Earth Zone and even in other planets.

156. Astral temple is the place from where you frequently achieve your astral projection.

157. This practically means that you may start your attempt to achieve astral projection in your current physical room, but finally achieve it in some other astral temples, for example in the place where you lived as a child.

158. The more astral temples you have the more you will feel at home in the astral world around the Earth Zone and even around the whole Solar system.

XVI Achieving astral projection through spiritual and magical traditions – The objective is to choose one and have a success with it within 100 days

159. When you went so far, apply your spiritual studies in in your attempts to achieve astral projection, because it will help, give you more energy, make your experiments more meaningful and spirits will appreciate it.

160. Many people skip this part for many reasons. They think they are unique so they do not feel like connected their experiences to spiritual and magical traditions. They do not think it is necessary. It can also be too difficult intellectually for them to get deeper into this knowledge. It is also certainly time-consuming.

161. What they do is to search for their unique experiences and only afterwards and this usually through asking for other peoples’ help try to figure out what just happened to them in the astral world.

162. If you are a witch, you may evoke a Lunar of Venusian goddess to help

163. As an hermetist, ask Hermes Trismegistus to show you the way

164. If you study tarot, Great Spirit of Tarot may appear in your astral temple to give you a present, help you achieve astral projection and teach you some lessons. Any other spirit of greater arcana can also appear.

165. If you are studying Tao, Chinese deities may appear in your astral temple to help you achieve astral projection.

166. If you are into a fairy magic, a fairy queen, nymph princess, sylph, driad, gnome or a salamander may come into your room.

167. If you a cabalist, archangel Sandalphon may initiate you into Malkuth and Tree of life.

168. As an Enochian magician, Sandalphon or some Enochian angels may initiate you into TEX and the system of Aethyrs.

169. If you worship ancestors, use this opportunity to meet them.

170. If you are a gnostic, use astral projection to visit eons and meet saints, angels and Jesus Christ.

XVIII Understanding of the Etheric region – It might take 100 days to understand it from personal gnosis

171. Etheric region is not the same as astral region

172. Franz Bardon sometimes called it astral matrix and sometimes lower astral region.

173. Etheric region is the densest part of the astral region. It is just a bit beyond our physical reality.

174. Etheric region is very similar to our world’s reality.

175. Most of the trees, cars, buildings you see in our world, you will also see in the etheric region.

176. Etheric region is a source of life here on the earth. When we die here, we go back to etheric region.

177. The biggest difference from our reality is that fairies, gnomes, salamanders, sylphs, nymphs, dryads and other elementals and nature spirits populate the etheric region.

178. The etheric region is a place where meetings between the magicians and spirits most often take place during the evocation. For the magician it is required to just raise his frequencies a bit, but for the spirit it often means a long way to go.

XIX Understanding of etheric projection – It might take 100 days to understand it from personal gnosis

179. Astral projection is not the same as etheric projection.

180. When you are out of your body in your room or in your astral temple, in most of the cases, you will be in your etheric room in your etheric body.

181. You will notice this becuse it will be difficult for you to move and walk.

182. Etheric region dense.

183. Your etherical body cannot fly in the etheric region, or if it could, it would be seen like the same miracle as if you flew in your physical body in our world’s reality

184. The etheric region is not a convenient place for humans to live, and for that reason they stay there just around 40 days or less to say final farewell when they pass away before they move on somewhere else.

185. There are many people who are stuck there not realizing that they are death or not willing to accept that – haunting places and poltergeist activities are results. They are helped by the magicians, witches, helpers, and other masters from the etheric region who purposely sacrifice to be as close to our reality as possible in order to be of better help. This is also the region where psychopomps operate in search for lost souls.

186. If you want to make to the astral region, you will need to make astral projection from the etherical region.

187. It is possible through a portal.

188. Search in your room for a door or window. They are usually at the same place where they are in your physical reality.

189. Open the door or window. Jump out the window, but make it sure that you are really in your etheric body. There is a very little chance, but there is a possibility to make a mistake which could result in suicide. So, be always 100 % certain that you are out of your body.

190. When you jump out of the window or go out through the door, you will be able to fly.

191. Enjoy, because now you are in the astral region.

XX Understanding of astral projection – It might take 100 days to understand it from personal gnosis

192. When you are out in the astral region you can fly wherever you want, go through the walls, levitate, perform all kinds of miracles, walk on water or breath under the water.

193. When you are out of your body and see that you are not in your bad, it means that that you have astral projection and that you are in the astral world.

194. If you see your physical body in the bed, it would mean that you are in the etheric region in your etheric body.

195. If someone challenges you by telling you to show him that you can really astral project by visiting his room and telling him what you find there, do not do it, because most likely you will see his astral room which is very different from his physical room.

196. If you want to be successful with this experiment, you will need to go to his room in your astral body and then condense it till it becomes the etheric body, but for that you will need to be a true master of etheric projection which is rare and needs years of practices.

197. Because of the same reasons, it is difficult to spot lost objects or vanished ships and airplanes when you search for them in your astral bodies. You will need to search them in your etheric bodies, as this is the only way for you to see them clearly, but again for this you will need to practice a lot.

198. Landscapes, trees, cars, buildings and all other things that you see in the astral region are usually located differently than they are in the etheric and physical region.

199. There are many levels of the astral region. The highest level of astral region borders the mental region.

XXI Advanced astral magic – A few experiments are expected to take a place during the last 30 days of the course

200. Each planet has its physical/etheric plane, astral plane, mental plane and pure Divine plane or Akashik region.

201. Astral plane is populated by fairies, angels, blessed people and blessed animals.

202. You can visit any place of the astral region if it is permitted by the guardians of thresholds or rings-pass-not.

203. The best magical way to visit any astral region is first to evoke a spirit who lives there into our world’s reality to be your guest. This spirit will later guide you to his or her region.

204. It is common knowledge that The Sun will kill you if you closely approach it with your physical body. But it will also kill you if you go there with your Lunar, Venusian or Saturnian body. The only way you can enjoy your walking on the Sun is if you go there with your Solar body.

205. Following the same principle, you will be in your Martian, Venusian, Jovial, Saturnine, Solar or Mercurial bodies when you visit each of those named planets. You cannot take a walk on the Moon in your Solar body, nor is it possible for you to walk on Jupiter in your Mercurial body.

206. The transformation of one body into another goes naturally during your mental or astral travels, and you usually do not pay attention to it.

207. Ask Rivatim to teach you if you want to fully master the process of transforming your body into Lunar, Martian, Venusian or any other kinds of planetary body. Some other spirits teach about this mysterious subject too.

208. You can also evoke angels, gods and other spirits when you are in the astral region. Astral evocations follow the same principles as those which are conducted in our physical reality. The only difference is that you are going to use your astral magical tools, weapons, circles and triangles. This is an advanced magic, but when you are there you will see that everything is as real as our world could be.

XXII Traveling to the Moon – A few experiments will be conducted during the last 2 weeks of the course

209. The Moon is approximately 384.400 km far away from the Earth. The journey to the Moon, if supposedly taken by the train, in a speed of 200 km/h, would take 81 days. The flight to the Moon in the astral body takes about 10 minutes, but this is not the most convenient way to travel there.

210. Even if you happened to be excellent at astral projections, your mind would likely bring you back to the Earth before you would reach the Moon. Robert Bruce, an expert of astral projections, says that it is possible to reach the Moon in a few seconds. It is possible because there is are cosmic tunnel or channels between the Moon and the Earth, and they are usually colored light-blue in some modern glyphs of the Tree of Life.

211. Many doors, tunnels, windows and gates serve both as blockades and portals to the Moon. So ask your favourite Moon spirit to show you where to go to and what to do if you are not sure. But you may also rely on your own intuition, consciousness and orientation.

212. Of course, you will previously need to learn the glyph of the Tree of Life well, as this should help you choose your way wisely once you find yourself within the Tree of Life for real. The more experienced magician may visit Yesod after being in Chokmah, Geburah or any other sephirot before.

213. With the more smartly combined attributes you have, the more certain you will be to your wished destination on the Moon. For example, if you like to meet Rivatim on the Moon, order yourself during you astral projection to go there by stating with determination: “Shaddai El Chai, Yesod, 22nd Lunar Mansion, Rivatim!”; you will start mental wandering and your consciousness will guide you right to that place.

XXIII Traveling to Mars – A few experiments will be conducted during the last 2 weeks of the course

214. If you want to see Skorpia, one of the main spirits from the Mars Zone, you may typically meet him in our world’s etheric plain or on Mars. You may also see him somewhere else, some other planets maybe, but let’s say that you want to meet him on Mars.

215. How can you go to Mars? One of the best ways is by mental wandering.

216. First start with your astral projection. Often when you astral project, you are at first still in the etheric realm of the Earth. Look around and try to find a window, door or any other exit.

217. You may open a window and fly away. Alternatively, find a door or any other whole leading out. “Find a whole and out you go!” – This is a good ancient shamanic method which does not fail.

218. Once you are out, you will fly, be free and feel capable of doing whatever you want. The joy is exceptional. At that moment you should know that you are in the astral world with your astral body.

219. Stop flying and land on the ground. Look around and enjoy. You are most probably in Malkuth (Earth Zone). As this is not your goal, remember, you want to meet Skorpia on Mars, so stop moving, sit down, meditate, relax, just as if you were in the physical reality with your physical body. Then at one moment when you feel you are ready, say to yourself:

I want to see Skorpia on Mars!

220. Then your journey to Mars will start. You will feel like your consciousness is traveling through the Universe, up and down, like you are on a slide or on roller coaster.

221. This mental wandering will last as long as the journey itself. Travel until the journey comes to its natural end. When you stop traveling, you will touch the ground.

222. Look around. You are on Mars. After a while you should be able to see some spirits there. Ask them politely where Skorpia is. They will lead you to him or give you a hint where and how to go to find him.

223. If they cannot help for some reason, ask your consciousness again to lead you to Skorpia. And your mental wandering will start again but this time through the Mars Zone

224. It is possible to mental wander the whole night long.

XXIV Cosmic tunnels and rings-pass-not

225. Paths from the Earth to other planets mostly go towards three different directions, towards the Moon, Mercury and Venus. According to Golden Dawn and other similar organisations, those three cosmic paths correspond to the the three Tarot cards, the World leading to the Moon, the Judgment leading to Mercury and the Moon leading to Venus.

226. The path leading from the Earth to the Moon is the most balanced path. After the Moon it leads straight to the Sun. It is supervised by the archangels Sandalphon, Uriel and Raphael. The fiery path from the Earth to Mercury is controlled by the archangel Michael while the watery path from the Earth to Venus is controlled by the archangel Gabriel.

227. If you go to another reality or a planet, you can also alternatively use cosmic tunnels, with their unique look and colors, which can make the trip much faster. According to the American adept Tom deLiso, the colors of the various tunnels from one place to another are constant. Related to Venus, if you travel to this planet from the Earth, the color of the tunnel is pink. The tunnels from Venus to the Moon and to Jupiter are purple. The tunnel from Venus to Mercury is red, and the tunnels from Mercury to the Sun and to Mars are green.

228. This is, however, just a very general description of the paths and tunnels around the Tree of Life related to the Earth and Venus Zone, because there are thousands of different ways how you may travel between those two planets and from those two planets all around our part of the Universe and further. According to Franz Bardon, there are many paths you can take to travel through the Tree of Life. There are many hidden paths. Even Franz Bardon had not explored most of them yet, as this is what he recently told one magician.

229. Apart from cosmic tunnels, there are also rings-pass not. The first ring-pass-not is the one which divides our physical reality from the etheric world. The magicians pass through this first ring-pass-not very frequently, actually each time they preform ceremonial magic, evoke or meditate.

230. The second-pass not is the one that separates the etheric world with the astral plane. There are different levels of the astral plane and each one of them is additionally separated with several minor rings-pass-not which are quite easy to pass.

231. The next third large ring-pass-not is the one between the astral and mental plane.

232. The most notorious and the most challenging ring-pass-not is the Abyss that divides the mental and divine planes. This Abyss is somewhere around the Saturn Zone. In the Enochian magic it is called ZAX. It is guarded by archdemonic entity Chronozon.

233. Whenever you cross one ring-pass-not, you will need to leave one of your bodies behind. So, when you cross the first ring-pass not, you would need to leave your earthly body behind, totally, if you are performing an out of body experience, or partly, if you are, for example, meditating.

234. When you cross the second ring – pass not, you will also need to leave your etheric body behind. This will be easy if you manage to find a portal, such as a window or door. Otherwise, it will be hardly possible. In the etheric body, you will not be able to fly, but in your astral body you will be free to fly as a bird.

235. Upon entering the mental realm, this would also mean that you have also left your astral body behind.

236. After crossing the Abyss guarded by Chronozon, you will be a pure spirit able to do and travel wherever you want experiencing total freedom beyond all planetary influences, including Saturn’s.

237. Besides, each planet has its own special rings-pass-not. There are usually the three ones, separating their etheric, astral and mental worlds from each other. The most difficult to pass is always the fourth one, the one that divides the mental and Divine worlds from each other.

238. In order to reach Akasha level of each planet, you will need to pass through all of its four rings-pass-not. It is really very difficult even to the advanced planetary magician. That is why that Akashic magic is very advanced and difficult, and the ones who are saying that they can reach Akasha only through plain meditation are usually lying.

239. The rings-pass-not exist mostly to protect higher words from unwelcome guests from lower regions. Sometimes, it is very easy to pass them. If you made it once, it would be much easier to go the same way again.

240. If you are guided by a genius that you have just evoked, there would be usually no problem to cross them all on your way to that spirit’s region.

241. Sometimes those borders are natural, but sometimes clearly made by spirits. It can be so that you would need to jump over many walls and through many windows to make it a crossover. Sometimes you will need to climb up a high mountain or a pyramid to reach the top and then fly over it.

242. There might be some invisible force to block your steps paralyzing you or pushing you back. Not so rarely you would need to encounter the guardians of rings-pass-not. Sometimes they are very polite and helpful, sometimes not that much. The extreme case is Chronozon, but there are also many other demonic-like figures elsewhere. Some of them look like our world’s police officers.

235. The successful evocation also means that the spirit gives you the permission to pass all rings-pass-not that stand in between you and him or her. All of the related guardians will be informed by that spirits, so they would let you go. You would not even need to notice them. Sometimes, your arrival to the wished destination will be almost instant no matter how far it is.

236. However, you will always need to have a sigil of the spirit with you. It is a key to many things, and also to successful crossing of a ring-pass-not. Besides, all other magical weapons, such as a wand or talisman are helpful too. You will certainly always need to remember the name of the spirit that you have evoked. It is sometimes useful to repeat it as a mantra, because this also leads to the right direction. Nevertheless, you will need to learn when to stop repeating it, because it can be quite annoying for other spirits to hear it over and over again.

XXV Coming back

237. The end of astral projection is usually instant

238. Even if you are in the Sun Zone, you will most likely be back at once.

239. The speed that our mind brings back the astral body back to the physical body is a way faster than speed of light and is probably the fastest of anything else in the whole universe

240. Any time you get too excited will end your efforts to achieve astral projection and you will need to go back and try again from the beginning.

241. Any time you get too excited during your astral projection, you will be drawn back to your physical body in a second.

242. Spirits from the astral region can give you additional energy to stay there as long as possible.

243. They will also sometimes tell you that it is time for you to come back, sometimes because they are afraid that it can be dangerous.

244. Go back at once, if you feel that your heart starts beating strongly during the astral travel.

245. When you want to go back, just say that, and you will be on your very fast way back.

246. There is usually no problem about coming back, thought there is always a possibility that you will need to wait a bit until your physical body is ready.

247. When you are a beginner, one of the spiritual guides will be there watching and taking care of your physical body.

248. If you get afraid for some reason even if you are advanced magician, you can always ask some of your favourite spirits to protect your physical body while you are away.

249. If you share the same bed with your partner or have kids in your room, they will most likely interpret your astral journey at one moment.

250. It is not that it is dangerous, but it is pity to finish it in an early stage.

251. Your astral experience can also disturb your roommates in many possible ways.

252. For those reasons the magician should perform astral projection alone in his or her room or astral temple.

XXVI Final observations and warnings

253. You need to take care of the astral world when you go there. Be polite and kind. Show the will to learn and share.

254. If you happened to hurt someone there, you might be banned from entering that region, usually temporarily, until you change, but depending how serious damage you have done.

255. Sometimes, first you will need to learn some specific spiritual lessons before you are are allowed to enter some specific spheres.

256. Do not get disappointed if you get banned, but learn what needs to be learned and try again.

257. The more you get engaged in magic, the more you will be able to astral project.

258. You are regrettably warned not to astral project if you have heart problems and difficulties to breath.

259. You also warned not to astral project if you have some more serious psychological problems.

260. Do not be afraid of malevolent spirits, but be ready to fight back if attacked

261. Respect all kinds of spirits the same, be them angels or demons.

262. Remember, not all demons are bad and not all angels are benign for us humans.

263. Use the time of Waxing Moon for astral projection if you are beginner.

264. If you have sleep paralyse during your astral attempts, it would almost always mean that you are on the good way to achieve astral projection, so just relax, do not fight it back and let it go. You will most likely be out of your body.

265. Do not take drugs before astral projection

266. Do not take halucinogens. Even if they might make it easier, you will end up exploring their worlds and learning their lessons, which might be just nothing else but a fantasy.

267. Do not drink alcohol because because it will confuse your mind and kill your energy

268. Coffee is OK to drink but not that much

269. It is also better not to smoke

270. Be little tired but not too tired.

271. Be little sleepy but not too sleepy

272. Do not try if you have fever or feel sick

273. Do not eat much and drink just a bit water

274. Do not be afraid when you are out there that you won’t come back.

275. When you start your astral projection, it may last whole night long with some breaks.

276. You may have more experiences than one per night as well as meet more spirits than one.

277. Remember to write your experiences as soon as it is over, because otherwise you will forget a lot. Try to remember as many details as possible.

278. You will see that astral plane is the real world and that spirits there are real. When you touch them, their body seems to be as solid as ours. They are just in higher frequencies.

279. Even though you can create your own things there on the astral world, this world and those spirits are certainly not products of your own mind.

Be blessed and have save and happy journeys.

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