Mathematics on Venus

Mathematics is applied in the Venus Zone for variety of purposes, and in many cases it is the same how we use it in our world’s reality. The difference is that on a more advanced level mathematics in Venus takes into account this planet’s specific nature of its astral and mental dimensions in terms that they function differently. Main concepts and basics of mathematics are generally applied everywhere in the Universe, but specific adjustments have to be taken into consideration if it is related to physical Earth, astral Venus, mental Mercury, etc.

Astral technology from Venus differs from our physical technology in that that it is much more subtle, as for which it is for astral body possible to travel from one place of Venus to another in a short period of time in variety of possible ways. For example, if you take a metro, it can bring you to the next station which is not far away, as it is normal in our world’s reality, but it can also take you through a portal leading you to a completely another dimension, maybe back in time, into the future, or to some other planet. Very advanced mathematics are applied in technology which makes such travels possible, even if you feel that they are spontaneous most of the time.

Astral architecture is very complex as it engages many different teams of workers, masons, builders, architects, engineers and architects. For that reason, the process of building of any astral structure is always supervised by advanced mathematicians. Likewise, fine-tuning in order to receive the best possible frequency from the stars at any time for all regions of Venus, to collect and classify prayers from the Earth, or to expand sexual vibrations towards the rest of the Solar system cannot be done without deep knowledge of advanced mathematics. In fact, in some Venusian scientific circles, mathematics is so important, that they communicate with each other in numbers.

Other difference between our word’s mathematics and mathematics from Venus is that Venusians apply cabala in all of their mathematical calculations. Otuo and other mathematicians are great numerology teachers as well. They can teach us how to recognise hidden and invisible links and correlations between numbers and seemingly unrelated things and phenomena in nature. They may also help you develop a great sense of orientation in traffic for the purposes of navigation. With their help, you will know at any given time where your position is in relation to other vehicles and pedestrians. You can easily escape and prevent any traffic accidents with such a power. You will also be able to deepen your knowledge in all kinds of numerology like: alphabets, gematria, the abjad system, isopsephy, the Bible code etc. They may also show you how mathematics can be developed as a science in the future.

Mathematicians from Venus cooperate closely with like-minded intelligences from Mercury, and they are especially close to Conioli and Cheikaseph, the best mathematics teachers from the Earth Zone.

According to cabala, Venus’ number is 7, mostly because it is associated to the 7th sephira Netzach. In planetary magic, for example, Venus 7×7 magic square is based on that number. Venus’ ceremonies and rituals are most often linked to that number. Magicians in their evocations of Venusian spirits usually use seven coins, seven pieces of copper, seven green crystals and seven candles. Heptagram or seven-pointed star represents the sphere of Netzach and, consequently, the planet Venus as well, signifying kindness and the power of love. It is considered to be a sort of portal to allow humans to reach the faerie realm or Venus Zone. In some other traditions, Venus has other numbers. For example, in Indian lore, Venus corresponds to number 6, and the symbol of Babylonian goddess of love Ishtar usually had 8 points.

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