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Venus is called Earth’s twin sister. Those two planets are very similar in their masses and sizes. They also share similar locations in the Solar system. They are both terrestrial, but there are also some differences. For instance, Venus’ day is longer than a year, but more importantly, Venus has the massive atmosphere and it is extremely hot and dry, so it is taken improbable that life could have developed there.

What we perceive as Venus, it is just its physical core. Venus’ Zone is full of life and it is probably thousands times larger than that physical dot that we are seeing in the sky.

The first Venusian Omah, the 49th Venusian Olo and the 68th Venusian Guru are the best initiators into Venusian magic. So, if you have a problem to contact the first one, try the second, and even if that is not working, evoke the third one. Do not give up soon. It could take a few weeks to succeed once you start. Try to evoke Omah on Friday. If you are not successful on first Friday, try again next Friday. If nothing happens four weeks in a row, then try to evoke Omah. If that fails to, evoke Guru.

According to Omah’s, Olo’s and Guru’s understanding, you will need to be ready for the initiation into the Venus Zone. Most of all, it means that you need to be dedicated enough to have made a progress of becoming a master of the four elements. They would also expect that you have already found some good friends in remarkable nymphs, fiery dragons, busy gnomes and witty sylphs from the Earth Zone. You will be initiated into the Venus Zone, if they finds you being courageous, intelligent, empathetic and diligent.

Naturally, genii from the Venus Zone are the best teachers of Venus, but before you would start working with them directly, you should make it sure that you are ready for them. Before you head to Venus, it is advisable to first establish solid relations with Venus’ related heads form the Earth Zone (like Lotogi and Serapi) and the following Shem angels who are the best teachers of the Venus magic:

– Nithael – Initiation and Venus magic in general

– Poiel – Venus guardians

– Nemamiah – Venus powers

– Mebahel – Venus’ defenders

– Omael – Venus and animals

– Imamiah – Venus and happiness

The magician has to be very well emotionally and mentally balanced before conducting any operation related to Venus’ magic. Each Venusian genius has his secondary main spirit, as his main assistant, but also a counter-genius. If you go to the Venus Zone in the imbalanced state of mood, you will certainly have very little chance to get there, but even if you somehow managed to enter, your visit would not last longer than a few seconds, and additionally to some extent influenced by the counter-genii instead.

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