Banning Magical Formulae

Formulae to ban something or so cold banning formulae are very interesting and they should be kept under the strict seal of secrecy.

Traditionally, there are 7 most important types of banning formulae:

-Banning formulae that banish malevolent people;

-Banning formulae against malevolent spirits;

– Banning formulae against wild animals;

-Banning formulae for taming wild nature and bad weather;

– Banning formulae against illness, hunger and thirst.

– Banning formulae against all potential dangers;

– Banning fomulae used to temper your own mood and cultivate your own virtues.

This last type, just to give a few examples, can be used for banishing:








all possible addictions

There is no formula to heal stupidity, though, but there is a formula to protect you against stupid people for sure.

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