Enochian Hierarchy Related to the Aethyrs

The hierarchy is:

1. GOD, The Son, The Holly Ghost

2. 12 archangels

3. 92 Governors of 30 Eathyrs

4. Subordinate spirits of 92 governors

5. 144,000 believers (in this case they are Enochian magicians). This is where we are. The last ones in this Enochian chain.

Even though, this might be strongly detested by many modern magicians, this is, nevertheless, the true Enchain hierarchy, so long as the Aethyrs are concerned, according to John Dee and E. Kelly.

Other things are improvisations.

I believe that many magicians don’t like to see Enoch. magic how it is written by John Dee simply because of two reasons:

– Not all of us Christians and even if we are, we may don’t like it.

– Not all of us are Jews, and much of what John Dee is talking about is related to 12 tribes of Israel and Holly Jerusalem. So does it really concern us if we are not Jews?

Well, those questions are good for some other topic, but let’s stick here to the above mentioned hierarchy with some further explanations:

1. God, the Son, the Holly Ghost

Even though this simple fact may be rejected by many modern Enoch. authors, John Dee and E. Kelley were Christians and as such The Holly Trinity is always on the top of any kinds of Enoch. magical system.

2. 12 Archangels of Zodiac

They are actually protectors of the 12 tribes of Israel. Twelve Tribes of Israel originate from the sons and grandsons of Patriarch Jacob. The Bible mentions the 12 tribes of Israel (Genesis 35:23-26; Rise 1:2-5, Numbers 1:20-43, etc..) and in the Gospel of Matthew (19:27-28). Twelve tribes of Israel are particularly important in the Revelation (12-21). The names of the tribes differ in the Bible, but the Enoch. magicians accept the 12 tribes of Israel which John Dee mentioned in his writings: Asher, Dan, Ephraim, Gad, Issachar, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, Zebulun, Benjamin and Judah.

3. 92 governors of 30 Aethyrs are subordinated to the 12 Archangels of Zodiac. But they have the power over the 12 tribes of Israel. They hold the key of the book of life, in which are recorded the names of 144,000 believers.

4. Subordinate spirits of 92 governors: There are many of them and it is beyond the scope of this little article to tell anything more about that. For the Enoch. magician it is important to know that s/he may be working directly with the governors or their subordinate spirits.

5. 144.000 believers. The tribes of Israel are mentioned in Revelation (7:5-8) in the context of 144.000 sealed servants of God from the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel . Number of the faithful at the end of the world is 144.000. Their names will be inscribed in the Book of life, and only to them the door of the New Jerusalem will be opened. The Enoch. magic was highly apocalyptic in its nature and that is the main reason why even today it is deemed as dangerous. However, the point with those 144.000 believers is that the Enochianm magician should trust that s/he is one of them.

I am quite sure that John Dee was instructed by the angels to use the Aethyrs for those two different purposes: to obtain a mystical experience and to influence the nations.

This is exactly the Governors function: to rule over one portion or region of the word and to govern his/her own part of the respected aethyr.

This is exactly our task as the enochian magicians. The task is to do the same as John Dee. Or at least to try. And to do it with the help of the governors.

The point is to try to make this world better with the help of the 92 governors.

They cannot and are not willing to do make it better without us. What would be the reason of our existence, if we leave everything to be done by the governors?

They help this world through us, it means through Enochian magicians.

According to John Dee and E. Kelly, our mission would be to prepare this world for the final judgment and this will happen with the appearance of Holly Jerusalem.

Each one of us is a warrior or a knight as an Enochian magician. Our mission is to influence things on this world in the larger scale and to help this fallen humanity grow in one way or another and overgrow our own limitations in this respect.

So, this is the basic of ENochian magic, including the Aethyr works and Govorners. Let me repeat again, that there is absolutely nothing formless in it. It is a real magical hard work. Very real. Very strong. And off course dangers. Off course, to be in the service of the Enochian hierarchy and their agent on the Earth, one must cross the Abyss as well. It is normal. This is not a magic for scared people.

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