Choronzon is the main gatekeeper of the Abyss. Each one of us already met him when we were on our way to undertake our manifested forms. Each one of us will again meet him on our way back to the world of pure spirits.

Yet, it is also possible to meet him while being still alive and that’s what some people try to do.

In mystical terms, to meet Chronozon is about going beyond the Zone of Saturn. In more mundane terms, it is then reflected as having troubles in this world’s realities, such as: losing jobs, friends, disappointment with family members, etc.

In spiritual terms, it is often connected with the dark night of the soul.

After a few-year period, things in your life should move on from a new ground. You are supposed to become a stronger character as your life would depend on your personal charisma and not on your status, previous connections and money.

It is a hard way to go as one is gaining freedom through turning his or her world upside down. And it lasts long. And it is not easy to go up. Yet, if the magus has already made such sacrifices before, meeting with Chronozon should not have such drastic consequence. But, the point is to be careful with Chronozon as most of the magicians who have had experiences with him also experienced difficulties in their mundane reality.

Another big point with Chronozon is that you must cross the Abyss alone and not in the wings of other Angels. I mean you can be helped pushed over by others, but you will be always falling back. Somehow, one needs to cross the Abyss and face Chronozon by himself or herself.


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