Emvatibe and his Counter-Genius – Moon Magic

Franz Bardon gave a good description of this genius.

Emvatibe’s other name is Assarez.

His prime mission is to guard the magician against malevolent people, but his talismans were traditionally made for black magic purposes.

Picatrix does not talk about counter-genii (like later Bardon did), but it does say that angels can be “wrathful”, and in this case, it talks about “Assarez wrathful”.

Talisman of Assarez wrathful according to Picatrix is for the creation of enmity. Take red wax and from it fashion the image of an armed man riding a cavalry horse holding a serpent in his right hand. Cense this image with red myrrh and storax, and say:

“You, Assarez, do such and such a thing and fulfill my request; and make your request from things appertaining to enmity, separation and the creation of evil desires. And it shall be completely as you have asked.”

Talisman according to Agrippa, Occult Philosophy, 1533: A soldier on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand.

The Image of the Second Mansion of the Moon by Giordano Bruno Ars Memoriae, 1582: A soldier sitting on a horse, holding a snake in his right hand and leading a black dog with his left.

According to Agrippa and other medieval sources, Assurez wrath is useful for: destruction of cities, villages, buildings, fountains, wells, streams, and gold mines; lords to despise their servants; for placing discord in general or between man and wife; destroying those who seek treasure underground; for all things pertaining to hatred, separation, and ill will; for the flight of creeping things; and for obtaining enmity.

Besides, some immature magicians might be tempted to carelessly use magical formulae obtained by Emvatibe, which might be very dangerous as they, according to Franz Bardon, have the power to instantly kill people.


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