Beyond Saturn and Planetary Influences

This is a magic field, a part of teaching of several Mercurial spirits. 

Through their Divine names or quantity keys, Mercurial spirits offer direct link from the Third to the Tenth Step to Divine Providence. 

There are nine guardians of nine planetary gates whose permission you will need to obtain to explore their related planetary spheres and also move forward towards Divine Providence. They are:

– Mumiah – The Moon Zone

– Damabiah – The Mercury Zone

– Poiel – The Venus Zone

– Mihael – The Sun Zone

– Iaiazel – The Mars Zone

– Vasariah – The Jupiter Zone

– Hahuiah – The Saturn Zone

– Hakamiah – The Cosmic Zone (Chokmah)

– Kahetel – The Crown Zone (Kether)

The abovementioned Shem angesl closely cooperate with the guardians of the nine sephiroth: Gabriel, Michael, Haniel, Raphael, Kamiel, Zadkiel, Zaphkiel, Raziel and Metatron.

You start your planetary journeys from Malkuth, guarded by Archangel Sandalphon and guided by the 360 heads of the Earth Zone.

After going beyond the Saturn Zone, instead of leaving the Solar system behind, you may choose to head towards Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. If you choose to do so, you will step into the space which have been approached by just a few humans who have done that while still being alive on our Earth. In this case, ask Hahuiah to be your cosmic guide.

Reiiel can reveal you such cosmic secrets which have not been revealed to any other human beings before. So, the magician may, for example, become among the first ones to establish strong alliance with some mighty spirits from Pluto and an outstanding teacher of all possible mysteries of Neptune.

Both Hahuiah and Reiiel can help you become the first human being to visit some faraway galaxies. If they open up cosmic paths to you beyond Saturn, then your only task would be to enjoy life as a newborn cosmic child.

Nith-Haiah can also guide you around some of the most remote and completely unknown galaxies.


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