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Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:17 pm


I decided to evoke a Venusian spirit called Guru.

She is mentioned in Bardon’s book as one of the 90 Venusian intelligences.

Let me quote Bardon:

“61) Gega, 62) Gema, 63) Gegega, 64) Garieh, 65) Gesa, 66) Geswi, 67) Godeah, 68) Guru. – The above eight intelligences initiate the magician into the laws of the Positive and Negative principles. Furthermore, they instruct him in the effectiveness of the Divine Virtues on the Venus planet and in the Venus sphere. Apart from this, they reveal to the magician special methods which, by mummification of the oscillation of the Venus sphere in the magic-quabbalistic manner, bring about the favour of the beings of the Venus sphere as well as of the beings of all other spheres. These intelligences inform the magician also of many other theories and practices in magic and quabbalah”.

Well, I chose to evoke Guru mostly because of its interesting name.

And Guru gave me much more than I had expected.

It gave me a book of the spirits which I studied in the astral ambiance of my room.

It is a small book but packed with information.

There are hundreds of Venusian spirits mentioned there by names, sigils, and functions.

They are all Guru’s subordinate spirits.

The name of the book is: The Grimoire of the Dead Ones as their Gift to those Living.

The function of the book is to make the magician’s life on the Earth easier and happier.

Out of hundreds spirits mentioned in this book I evoked the one with the name IUDUCON.

I did not see her, but while I was reading the book, I heard her speaking.

Well, IUDUCON told me that her faculty is to help a magician charm his wife if he has problem in marriage. His wife would suddenly start finding him attractive again. She can also help the magician to charm other women as well. But in this case, the magician should be actively trying to make himself more attractive through physical exercise and changing his life style. If the magician has no intention to change his life style, she will awaken him interest for that too. The same apply to female magicians.

IUDUCON told me that Guru’s subordinate spirits have task to make the life of the magician more pleasant so that he can start enjoying his life.

They especially help the magicians who are losing interests in every-day activities by giving them more interesting opportunities and nice results.

The list of the spirits from this Grimoire used to be women from this Earth.

Due to their virtues, they transferred to Venus, which has become their new planet.

For this reason, they know excellent what life on Earth is about and how it is to be a human.

With their charm, they intend to help the magician to recover his energy and willingness to go through the obstacles from our every-day reality.

She introduced me to some of her spirits too.

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