Capricorn is over, but let’s annalyze it how it was from the hermetic point of view based on Bardon’s PME.

Spirits of Winter are inviting us to create our reality in any direction we wish. They are giving us suggestions on how to make all of our winter days special with a lot of opportunities to experiment with magic in most diverse ways. Until Capricorn, all first Zodiac days start with the fire magic, but in the case of Milon who is the ruler of the first Capricorn’s day, it starts with Divine magic and magic of Akasha. Most often, is also the second day of all previous Zodiacs associated with fire, but not Capricorn, as its second day, ruled by Melamo, is related to elevation of one’s personality, for which all four elements are needed. Capricorn’s third day, ruled by Porphora, is about love and passion. Then follows the most nostalgic day of Capricorn ruled by Trapi, after which comes the day of Jonion when we should remember our previous and celebrate our new life.

After all, this is Christmas time, and we should celebrate. There remain just a few days until the end of the old year and there is a feeling of both nostalgia and joy in the air. The responsible heads are suggesting that you might spend that time with Mercury magic (Afolono), writing (Paruchu), feng shui (Parmatho), practicing astral and mental projection (Ampholion) and New Year resolutions (Kogid).The first day of the New Year, influenced by Cermiel (reincarnation), is time for contemplation about the past and celebration of the new beginnings. The following days invite the magician to contemplate, meditate, relax and rest, together with Erimihala (astral magic), Trisacha (watching movies), Afimo (having a walk), Garses (rearranging furniture) and Masadu (saving money).Capricorn is associated with the earth element. January is absolutely the coldest and it also feels like the slowest, longest, and most passive month in the year. The earth element of Capricorn is exalted from its 18th to its 21st days, ruled respectively by Arabim (plants), Amia (stones and crystals), Kamual (the mining of ore and coal) and Parachmo (herbalism).Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn. Saturnian influences are felt throughout Capricorn.

Saturn is exalted when Capricorn is influenced by Jonion, Ybario, Trapi, Cerniel, Masadu and Lotifar.Activities in Capricorn finally start on its 22nd day, ruled by Cochaly who is the guardian of sports and athletes, but they already again slow down during the two following days, ruled by Ybario who teaches about Divine Justice and Lotifar who is the guardian of suicidal people.Capricorn shows its scientific side on its 24th day (Kama – meteorology) and 25th day (Segosel – physics and chemistry). The most magical time of Capricorn is on its 26th and 27th day ruled by Sarsiee and Kiliosa. The remaining days of Capricorn get slow again with Rosora (radio and acoustics) and Ekorim (shaping earth, gypsum and clay). As in most zodiacs, Capricorn also finishes with the water magic (Ramgisa – the fish trade).

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