Diana’s cult flourished until the 6th century, but then Christians associated her with evil diabolic forces, and soon after, she disappeared from the face of Earth together with all of her priestesses.

Afterwards, there were some attempts to revive her cult periodically, but the Church canon “Episcopi”, from 900, ridiculously stated that Diana is a Devil itself. The same canon said that the devil Diana was a protector of black magicians and evil witches. It further explains that at night they went to meet Diana and receive orders from her (which part sounds true) and that she would give them to ride some of her beasts in order to travel all over the Earth (which sounds true too).

Today some women say that Diana is a source of magical powers, independence and agility. According to them, Diana punishes men who are mean to women.

If you want to meet her, you should be a hero. You are expected to make a brave action in her honor. And do give her a gift, albeit symbolic.

Well, today, let’s also take a chance to remember a few other Moon gods and goddesses who were abolished by the three Monotheistic religions:

– Mama-Kilya, the Moon goddess and the goddess of calendar vanished from Latin America;

– Siya, the Moon god, and the god of harvest and weather also disappeared from Latin America;

– Mani, the Moon good and the charioteer of white chariot, vanished from the Northern Germany;

– Am, the Moon god disappeared from South Arabia;

– Napir, Nikal and Yaril vanished from the Middle East;

– Ursula, the old Slavic Moon goddess, worshiped each 21st of October, somehow survived by being Christianized and now she appears as St. Ursula.

– Celtic Keridven, the goddess of wisdom, intelligence, magic, divination, the Moon and all earthly waters, had a cauldron in which she prepared her magical drinks from plants, roots and see foam;

– Arma, Hittite’s god of the Moon, had wings and a crescent sign on his cap.

– Men, Lydian lunar god ruled both over the sky and the underworld. The Lydians used to call him “My Lord” (pronounced “tyrannost”), which the Greeks took over and changed its meaning into the “tyrant.”


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