Divine Mission

Divine Mission

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with a female spirit. She looked a bit bored, though. I had been walking around an astral city looking for an angel, when I met her by chance. She did not know where my angel was, but she was ready to speak with me, so I took the chance to chat with her about life and death and some other mysteries.

When she heard that I am still alive she was very surprised. She told me that a long time ago she had also been alive as a human, and that for a very long time she had been also living on the astral region of this city. She told me then that very soon she would move on to Kether. She explained me that after being in Kether for some more time, she will then merge with Divine Providence and finally become the one with God, which means the ultimate enlightenment, bliss, eternity and happiness. Nevertheless, She was neither happy nor sad about her future. She was talking about it with no emotions at all. I was very surprised, so I asked her: “Well, you seem to be indifferent about all of this, why is it so?”

Then she told me something which I found very important: “Because I have not fulfilled my Divine mission!”

I looked around. This was already paradise where she was in, especially compared to our world’s reality. And very soon she will be in Kether, which seems to be the highest possible level of bliss and happiness for any being. That is why I told her: “You are a blessed soul. I mean, you are in the paradise now and you are practically eternal. You must have somehow deserved to be here. You must have already fulfilled your Divine mission, but you are too modest to say it.”

“No”, she said, “I did not do what I should have done. I have done nothing special. I will not be remembered by anything. I might have saved myself , but I have done nothing to leave something useful behind me to help humanity for which I would be remembered. Simply, I failed to recognise my mission. I will be happy, but forgotten as if I never existed.”

She also said that there are many people in what we call Paradise, as they did well with their dharma and karma; but they are still quite unhappy there as they missed the reason why they were born into our world in the first place.

Well, I think that there is no formula in life. But the closest I can get to it is: Follow your Divine mission, but hold on to your dharma and avoid karma.

If you are not sure what your life mission is, consult Nith-Haiah about it and this angel may give you the answer. Whatever your mission is, Nith-Haiah would also like to see it somehow connected to benefit this humanity as well.

The Shemhamforash angels are ready to give help to our personal agendas as long as we also are fulfilling our missions as the humans. If you have a wish to help this humanity through art, literature, diplomacy, politics, science, economy, music and culture, you will get full support from Nith-Haiah.

In reality, not only Nith-Haiah, but many other spirits from Bardon’ corpus may tell you what your life mission is and support you on that way, if you get close to them and if that is your wish.


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