Evocations – How to Evoke?

How to evoke?

I have been hearing this question often. This group have members who are advanced in magic and have evoked many times. This instruction is for the less experienced members.

1. There is no general rule which could be applied to all spirit. You will need to make a different approach in accordance with spirits you want to evoke. For example, methods vary a lot depending on if you are evoking spirits from the Earth, Moon or Mercury.

2. Here is an example of the Shemahamphorash angels evocations and the first Shem angel Vehuiah particularly.

3. Face to the East.

4. Stand within your circle with your favourite magical tools, such as the wand.

5. Before you stand in the circle, create your triangle the best you can. This is the place where Vehuiah will appear. So, make it large and comfortable enough.

6. Create an atmosphere which should attract Vehuiah’s attention. Because we are dealing with the spirit who is fond of fire, the dominant color in your room should be red. Decorate your space with fire symbols, figures of angels, dragons, phenixes, etc.

7 Place Shem talisman and/or Shem diagram in the triangle.

8. Place a Vehuiah’s sigil from Franz Bardon’s book or alternately from Eliphas Levi in the triangle.

9. Place your favourite crystals and stones in the triangle, a chalice of water, and offerings, it could be red wine or some strong drink because it is what Vehuaih likes

10. Lit a candle. Since you evoke Vehuiah it should be red. One candle is enough, because it stands for the number 1, which is Vehuiah’s number. This is a powerful angel, so if something goes wrong with fire, it will be easier for you to control just one candle. If you use incense, it should have a stronger odor, because it is what Vehuiah likes.

11. Take your relevant magical books and note-books with you, as from there you will need to recite Psalms and prayers.

12 Pray to God: Use your intuition or read relevant Shem prayers.Recite or sing the Psalm 3:3 which is related to Vehuiah

13. Conjure Vehuiah:

“I N.N. conjure you, oh you great angel Vehuiah, the 1st angel of Shemhamphorash, Vehu, The Exalting God, Deus Exaltator, in the name of IHVH, Eschereye, Power, H Theos, and archangel Raziel.”

In this conjuration you have mentioned: the angel’s name in English, the angel’s number, the angel’s three word name, his English epitaph, his Latin epitaph, his God’s name according to Kircher, his god’s name according to the “6th and 7th Moses’s Book”, God’s name according to “Slavic Miscellany for travellers”, God’s name according to “Liber Juratus”, God’s name according to Berengario Ganell, and finally archangel Raziel who should be supervising each of your Shem angels’ evocations.

14. State your intent after the conjuration. During the first Shem evocation of each angel it should be just a wish to introduce yourself. Be as modest as possible.

“I will be honoured and blessed by your presence. I am just any ordinary human being with wish to learn from your angels. I love God very much and I cannot stand being away from him any longer. I would be blessed if you could teach me about your mysteries and help me on my path.”

15. Repeat your prayers, reciting the Psalm, conjurations and states of intentions until Vehuiah appears.

16. When you see that Vehuiah has arrived, you might spontaneously wish to fall down on your knees and kiss his hand. He will not let you do it, because angels say that we all should kneel down only before God. Welcome Vehuiah gently with your own words. Here is an example what you might say:

“ Please, welcome to my modest home. If you think that I am worthy enough, accept me for your student. If I am not worthy yet, please tell me what I need to correct, so that you accept me during my next evocation.”

17. What will happen during your evocation is your personal experience and adventure. Your evocation can last as short as half and hour or as long as whole night.

18. When you finish your ceremony, give your license to depart in your own words or with the following sentence:

“I have been blessed by your presence, oh great angel Vehuiah, please go now in peace and return to your sphere of origin in the name of IHVH and please come quickly if called upon again. Amen”.


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