Shem Angels – Magical links through crystals, stones and ores

Shem Angel Magical links through crystals, stones and ores

Magicians who are advanced in Shem magic can associate each of the 72 Shem angels to their relevant favourite crystal or gemstone.

Those are my suggestions:

Veuhiah Carnelian – Fire magic. It also has ability to heal other stones

Jeliel Aquamarine – Water magic. It helps with meditation, calmness and inner love

Sitael Blue topaz – Air magic. Helps with psychic abilities and communication with higher-self and spirit-guides

Elemiah Malachite – Earth magic -earth element healing crystal

Mahasiah Petrified wood for earth, lepidolite for air, garnet for fire and amazonite for water. Magic of four elements

Lelahel – Smoky quartz – increases fertility and balances sexual energy – Fire opal – creative and sexual passion

Achaiah Rock – Sacred geography

Kahetel Amber – Fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees. Activates a person’s altruistic nature and spiritualizes the intellect. Magic of plants

Aziel Amethyst – Magic of peace

Aladiah Quartz (Rutilated) – powerful quartz for healing

Lauviah Pyrite and lava -Protection in general and in wartime

Hahaiah Tourmaline and jet pyrite, lava – magical protection against enemies

Jezalel Fluorite – air magic and magic of communication.

Mebahel Hematite and justice – Magic of justice

Hariel Blue Lapis lazuli – Magic of cabala

Hakamiah – Titanite – Abundance and prosperity

– Lead – Jupiter Magic

Lanoiah/Lauviah/Leviah Violet crystals – Magic of art

Kaliel Opal – Magical formulae

Leuviah Labradorite – clears the mind. Magic of Intellectual Powers

Pahaliah Selenite and anandalite Magic of Celestial Religions

Nelekael – Alexandrite

– Emerald Magic of Hermes Trismegistus

Jeiaiel/Ieiaiel Lead – Saturn magic

Melahel Mercury – Mercury Magic

Hahuiah Meteorite – Enhances connection with extraterrestrial energies and expands awareness. Magic Beyond Saturn and Planetary Influences.

Nith-Haiah Crystal quartz

Haaiah Apatite – removes guilt and what is unwanted and unnecessary

Jerathel Ruby – Refines lower passions and banishes the sense of limitation. Magic of Favours from Very Important Pople.

Seeiah Obsidian – protection and strength

Reiiel Mica- Clarity in visions and spirituality and look at a situation in complete detail. Magic of Truth

Omael Green aventurine – good luck stone for children – Magic of children

Lekabel Fire agate – love magic

Vasariah Sardonyx – protection, strength, courage, happiness and communication. Magic of Protection

Kevakiah Iron – Mars Magic

Menadel Calcite – astral projection. Magic of Astronomy and Astrology

Aniel Quartz – Magic of life mission

Haamiah Lapis lazuli – inner wisdom

Rehael Chrysoprase and pearl – family magic

Ieiazel Hematite – Magic of materialization and manifestation

Hahahel Moldavite – extraterrestrial sources. Its airy quality opens up the individual to the highest of influences. Akasha magic

Mikael Tiger’s eye – ground, focus, personal p owers and will. Magic of power and personal authority

Veubiah Staurolite – Talismanic Magic

Ielahiah Pink quartz – love, creativity and self-confidence

Sealiah Gold – Solar magic

Ariel Calcite – astral magic

Asaliah Kyanite – creative expression, communication, truth and astral travel. Magic of scrying.

Mihael Sulphur and Mercury -alchemy

Vehuel Turquoise – reveals ancient wisdom, knowledge and reveals future and past lives. Magic of divination.

Daniel Rodochrosite – Divine love and Divine Mercy

Hahasiah Onyx – psychopomps

Imamiah Amazonite – gives joy and heals depression

Nanael Green jasper – magic of animals

Nithael Copper – Venus Magic

Mebaiah Garnet – Eases depression and sexual imbalance and heals fertility

Poiel Citrine, peridot and green aventurine – Magic of luck

Nemamiah Sugilite and corals- Cryptic people, animals and plants

Jeialel Selenite – The crossroad of magical initiations

Harahel Beryl – Stimulates the mind and intellect

Mizrael Pyrite – manifestation, protection and abundance. Magic of crafts.

Umabel Pearls – Helps you to forgive others and makes you more resistant to irritation. Magic of Friendship.

Jah-Hel Howlite and red jasper – Magic of teaching

Anianuel Diamond – Magic of wealth

Mehiel Gold topaz – Here and now. Inspires the individual. Individual magic.

Dambabiah Silver – Moon Magic

Manakel Herkimer diamond -Dream Magic.

Eiaiel Moonstone – Magic of agriculture

Habuiah/Habuhiah Chrysolite – Protection against black magic and evil spirits

Rochel Peridot – purity and morality. Magic of ethics, prudence, virtues and dignity

Jabamaih Marcasite – Wisdom, expression and meditation. Magic of Symbols

Haiel Sapphire – Ceremonial Magic

Mumiah Jade – longevity stone. Mummial Magic.

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