It is very difficult to write about fortune, as it is such a great mystery that it is beyond human comprehension, but maybe Iserag can help. If you think you are not born under a lucky star, ask Iserag for help and his special protection, then you might well change your mind after the first successful evocation of him. According to Bardon, “the magician who has this head as his friend will have every wish fulfilled in the physical world, he will be fortunate and successful in everything he undertakes.”
Fortune is decided by Divine Providence and put into action through the Wheel of Fortune. The way the Wheel of Fortune turns affects everybody below the Saturn Zone. This is happening far above the Earth Zone, so it is beyond our control, but can be explained and to certain degree influenced by Iserag and his subordinate spirits. Even if they cannot change destiny, they can at least make bad times seem to fly by and prolong good periods in your life. Many of a great mind has been trying to understand what had made the great goddesses Fortuna so eager to give away fortunes to some people, while turning her
back to others. Thus, luck remains to be one of the so far greatest unsolved mysteries since the ancient time, but the following Shem angels might give you it to you:

  • Poiel – luck in general
  • Lelahel – luck in love and health
  • Jezarel – luck and respect in all fields
  • Melahel – luck in wartime and in other serious life situations
  • Habuiah – lucky mandalas and talismans
  • Haamiah – bringer of good luck where it is missing
  • Nithael – lucky childhood

Emrudue from the Moon Zone and Iserag, Asinel, Aspadit and Ichdison from the Earth Zone also bring good luck to people.

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