Perseus Arcane Academy: Learn from Nenad

Nenad is now teaching courses over at Perseus Arcane Academy. His courses are focused on those who have already reached step 8 of IIH OR an equivalent level in another system. If you are ready for Evocation then these courses could be what you are looking for. Visit Perseus Arcane Academy Courses here.

Here is an example of the first course:

1. Making the First Step to Divine Providence by evoking thirty Heads of the Earth ZoneThere are 10 steps to Divine Providence, and the objective of this course is to ensure

that the student has made the first step.

The main objective will be achieved through:

– Evocations of 30 heads of the Earth Zone

– Visiting regions of the Earth Zone where those 30 heads reside

– Continuing cooperation with them after the first successful evocations

The point of this course is to encourage students to overcome their possible blockages

and fears and start practicing evocations with the knowledge that they have already

obtained through the first eight steps from Franz Bardon’s IIH.

Guided instructions for protection will be also given during the course. Duration of the course 310 days.

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