Lotifar, under the authority of Saturn, arrived in Alexandria to visit his old friend Professor Rigor. Lydia kept him company, because she had already planned to visit the Serapeum, where she used to study. Rigor was a human being. Once upon a time, he was appointed a head, on merit, so he had no counter-intelligence, which is why his affairs rarely took strange turns, which Lotifar, who had always longed for order and peace, especially liked.

Rigor is not mentioned in the earthly books of the living, but he is highly respected on Saturn and in certain astral circles of the Earth, especially in Egypt. He had not smiled since he became a head, and that was because, as he says, of the volume and complexity of the work he was faced with, as well as because of the hopelessly wretched situation in which humanity had fallen. In addition, he became, in the opinion of many, overly strict, but he became famous for his wisdom and fairness, so members of all possible hierarchies, including humans, angels, demons and elders, constantly asked him for favors and advice. There was always a crowd at his place, so he didn’t get to see everyone, but when someone like Lotifar asked him for help, he would immediately cancel all his plans in order to arrange a meeting with him as soon as possible.

Lotifar found Rigor in the legendary tavern near the Serapeum talking with Ashumandai and the boss Proclus about the glorious times when Alexandria was the center of the world. He was most happy to meet roclus, because he had not seen him for many years. As the years passed, Proklos visited his tavern less and less, and only in exceptional situations, when, for example, he had such guests as Rigor, Lotifar and Ashumandai. Stories are circulating about Proclus that he opened this tavern back when Alexander the Great was building this city. Perhaps the age of that tavern was overstated, but it is said that even the oldest generations of Alexandria residents visited it, and that they heard all kinds of stories from Proclus and learned a lot from him.

After he greeted them cordially, they spoke a few more words about what they had already talked about, about the planet Nibiru, whose atmosphere was now deteriorating so rapidly that it required emergency help for its inhabitants, and then they continued to talk about the situation on Serapeum.

– Students from the Ptolemaic era were far more advanced than students of all subsequent generations. These students today do not notice any difference between quantitative and qualitative keys, even when I tell them that the first is in heaven and the second is on earth, and then they still complain that I am strict with them. – Rigor grumbled.

  Remembering better times, Proklo agreed with Rigor and then said:

– The Serapeum today cannot even come close to the one from the time of Cleopatra, with the fact that this latest generation is, without equal, the worst in the entire history of this university.

Ashumandai noticed that the students were lazy and had a hard time studying, so that they were no longer able to understand some of the most basic concepts in spirituality, so he then remarked:

– The educational system in the entire Earth Zone is collapsing, so it is also reflected in the Serapeum. Systematic changes are needed in order to raise the level of education at least to the level of the twentieth century, even though it was low even then. The problem is that there are fewer and fewer dedicated people, so the criteria for enrolling new students are lowered, because otherwise the classrooms would be empty. We have come to the result that current students cannot master even those tasks that, until recently, were solved with ease by the living.

Having said this, Ashumandai looked at his watch, quickly put his hat on his head, took his black staff and said that he must go, because he was late:

– A group of twelve new students who are just leaving the world of the living are waiting for me downstairs.

– I hope they will be better than the previous ones. –  Rigor told, so all three wished Ashumandai a happy journey.

During that time, Lydia was walking around the Serapeum, then went to the Library of Alexandria, where she noticed that it remained the same as it was during her student days. If there is something that does not change in time and space, then it was that library, with the exception of the world of the living, where it is long gone. Together with it, living people turned the entire Serapeum into ruins, with the fact that, for some reason, they spared Pompey’s column, which was the only one left there from ancient times. Lydia often sat there when she was preparing for her exams as a student, while Pompey’s column now particularly attracted her because it represented the only remaining direct material link with the living in the entire area of the Serapeum. Another Lydia, her double among the living, was now there and suffering. When she now sat down there again and touched Pompey’s pillar with her back, she clearly heard her prayers addressed to God and to her, her guardian angel.

  Rigor received Lotifar in his office, and offered him to sit in a comfortable armchair next to his favorite round stone table, where he usually held meetings with his guests. His cabinet seemed to have emerged from some misty mythological past. Flags of forgotten empires and coats of arms of vanished dynasties were hung on the wall, while maces, spears, swords and numerous other weapons from different known and unknown eras were kept in display cases. The globe of the Earth Zone, with all its various spheres and regions, stood in the middle of the table, and was turned just so that Lotifar’s region was arranged before his eyes, with which Rigor wished to show his respect. There were, as always, a handful of topics for conversation between the two of them, for example, about any object from his display cases, but they met because of Peter and a dozen other suicides, so Rigor presented to Lotifar that he found himself in a rather unenviable situation:

– I hear the hierarchies from Saturn are discussing about Peter these days. They are not satisfied with how he is progressing, and they also mention your responsibility. Nobody likes when Saturn gets involved in something, but now, that’s what it is, let’s see how we can solve his case.

  Lotifar thought that life was complicated enough without Saturn, so, thinking about why the heads from Saturn were calling him responsible, he said:

– I couldn’t prevent him from going with Vigel again, but maybe I shouldn’t have introduced him to Golog. I could not, in any case, allow Ahihujah to remove the talisman of Mars from his altar. 

– As far as I know, they are not referring to those individual cases, but to the fact that you failed to openly explain to him two years ago that he had committed suicide and everything else that he was not able to figure out on his own.

 – So what sense would that make? Well, don’t they know that after each of his dramatic realizations, Petar relived his suicide, sinking ever deeper into his deadness? Several times he fell into such a coma that we could hardly find him, like the last time at Marco Tigraf in Shanghai. 

– The heads of Saturn know that Petar, already in Shanghai, realized that he had killed himself, thanks to Mark Tigraf, but they say that you and your assistants hesitated, and that is why Vigel took him to Lake Zavojsko. When Petar regained his composure after Vigel, they say that you hesitated again, so they almost called Ahihujah to intervene, which almost cost him his final death. 

Rigor maintained a very special relationship with Saturn. He was considered one of its main representatives on Earth. He had always been this open and direct with all his associates, which to many seemed inappropriate, but Lotifar liked his honesty, even when he was wrong, and those from Saturn were often wrong, just like now with Peter’s case. 

However, Lotifar did not want to justify himself, and for the rest, he never even spoke for himself that he never made mistakes. Describing the current situation with Peter, Lotifar said that now he was most interested in how long he would stay in Limbo, so he took him to Belifares, because he knows best how much time someone has left to live on Earth. On the paper, which he gave Peter to read, nothing was written, because he was given a blank list of destiny. They agreed that Peter’s blank list of fate indicated that nothing was yet known about his fate, and that there was still hope for him, with the fact that he was obviously expected to do something important, so that something could be written down on it. Rigor asked Lotifar to hurry a little with Peter. The dead arrive daily, and in magnitude, and everyone needs help and everyone is looking for something. He suggested that he take Peter to the world of the living as a matter of urgency, so that he could personally see the condition of his children there. On Rigor’s desk were the lists of dozens of other suicides that were of particular importance to the hierarchies of Saturn at that moment, so the two moved on to the next subject.

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