Giordano Bruno and 28 Lunar Mansions

The Images from the 28 Mansions of the Moon by Giordano Bruno “Ars Memoriae”, 1582, part II, under the section Imago Draconis lunae, were explained in Latin how to be drawn, and I doubt that this book has been correctly translated into English yet, but they show that Giordano Bruno, as the great genius also had had great knowledge of the Moon magic and astrology. As a reminder, different talismans of the Moon mansions were also offered by the Arabic Picatrix, Agrippa, and later by the poet Yeats. Do also notice that Bardon’s sigils of 28 lunar spirits mostly seem to draw their origin from those talismans, but this is another topic and requires a serious study.

See: Imagines mansionum Lunæ viginti & octo

tractæ in vsum præsentis artis.


Giordano Bruno: Ars Memoriae (The Art of Memory)

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