Gomah from Venus

A little bit of Venus’ rituals, related to one genius, exceptionally difficult to evoke, of course you will need his sigils, and then…

Not Easy to Evoke: It is very difficult to see Gomah, because she does not like to be seen. You may hear her voice in the background. One magician went and searched for her voice but it felt like she was going nowhere. So she sat down. Suddenly she saw a very bright light coming towards her. All of a sudden everything went bright, so she did not remember anything what happened next. At least a few evocations are needed to establish a genuine contact with Gomah.

Ceremony: You should be well prepared before the evocation of this spirit. You should decorate your triangle with green and pink colours, magic mirror, a crystal ball, images or sculptures of Venus, beautiful fairies dolls, Venusian talismans and symbols, a chalice, pearls, copper, rose quartz and turquoises. You should make a proper magical circle inscribed with the following names of God that are closely linked to Venus: Abad, Adonai, Adonai Elohim, Adonai Sadai, Aha, Albaphalana, Ararita, Artoran, Astanaphaenus, Charis, D, Dius, El, El-Chai-Shekinah, El Gebil, Elohim, Elohim Veszio, Escherchie, Hey, IHVH, IHVH Sabaoth, Innon, Ja, Je, On, Orai, Pomamiach, Shaddai, Sovereign Essence of Beauty, Tetragrammaton Sabaoth, Thaoth, Ueham, Yaglepzeq and Zimi. All of those names of God you should also speak in your conjuration. While conjuring, you might also need to ask archangel Haniel, the Shem angel Nithael and a Venus’ genius you feel particularly close with to help you evoke Gomoah. Drape a green velvet, satin or silk cloth where you will be giving your offerings, such as honey, milk, water, chocolate, cakes or wine. Use 6 candles for evocation of this spirit. Inflame your soul with love to Goddess Venus. Evoke Gomah on Fridays.

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