Lelahel from Mercury

Lelahel and her Divine or Quantity Keys.

Divine Keys

1. Lelahel and Cabala: LLH is the three letters name of God for Lelahel. In Hebrew it is ללה. It is pronounced like Lalahe, though Lelah was also suggested. This name appears as LaLaHey in Abulafia’s Book of Desire (1279). Lelahu as a variation of LLH appears as a God’s name given to Moses from Sepher Raziel. It belongs to the third of seven sets of Shemhamphoras. It should be named devoutly, and you will have grace of any person. This is also the name that Moses spoke when he divided the sea. Its English epithet is The Laudable God. In Latin it is Deus Laudabilis.

2. Quantity Key – Abad: According to A. Kircher, Abad, as the 6th God’s name is linked to the Assyrians, and as the 28th God’s name to the Ethiopians. It is also, the holder of the 6th and 28th quantity keys in Franz Bardon’s system of magic. Abad is explained by both the 6th Shem angel Lelahel and the 28th Shem angel Seeiah. Each planetary system has its own planet Venus and Lelahel’s energy is present, through Abad, in all Venus-like planets in the universe. Besides, Abad is in the center of nobility of both Venus and Jupiter. Humans cannot spot Abad, at least not as an entity, but more as Divine light, energy or phenomenon. On the other hand, we can meet the 6th angel Lelahel and the 28th angel Seeiah as angelic entities. In other words, all mysteries related to Abad can be explained by either Lelalehel or Seeiah in details.

Abad means different things in different languages. For example, in Urdu and Pakistani, Abad means eternal. Many city names in Pakistan, India, Iran, Azerbaijan end with the suffix “abad” which points out that those places are noble. In Hebrew, Abad is pronounced “avad” and it means to serve God. Abad is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “servant of Allah” and “worshiper of Allah”. The English word ‘eternity’ has two different Arabic synonyms: ‘azal’ and ‘abad’. Azal is eternity without beginning, and abad is eternity without end. Hence, God is both Abad (endless) and Azal (beginningless).

3. Lelahel, Kether and Venus: Lelahel explains the origin of Venus and everything Venusian in nature. Some of the most beautiful and attractive cosmic beings are priests and priestesses in her region of Kether. Those priests are also great teachers and educators. Under their supervision are all young spirits in Kether who emerged there from the highest sky of Ain Soph Aur. Lelahel’s main subordinate spirit Asencater has a special role in education of those newcomers. Students learn in Asencater schools basic lessons about Kether and life in the Universe in general. In later classes, their focus is more on understanding of their future lives missions in lower manifestations.

4. Erotic Love in Kether: Lelahel is a special teacher in this particular subject. Even though each Kether individual constitutes of both female and masculine principles, they are rarely equally balanced. Once in one individual one gender starts dominating over another, he or she will still be androgen, but will look out as either men or women, especially to us outsiders. Kether beings also fall in love and have sex with each other, but they do not reproduce as new lives manifest in Kether directly from the sky in the forms of Ain Soph Aur.

5. Magical formulae: This angel gives diverse formulae for different purposes, including invoking love and protection against accidents, enemies and lightning. Some of Lelahel’s formulae consist of five or six letters or numbers. Some of those formulae need to be written or spoken twice to be fully efficient such as: abcdef abcdef or 123456 123456. She will explain in details what her formulae mean and what they are good for. Lelahel can actually deliver thousands of diverse formulae for all desirable goals, so it is advisable to set aside a special magical notebook only for her magic. This beautiful angel also instructs how to energize certain words to the level they get fantastic magical powers. One of her favourite words is Love.

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