Guardian Angels of the Gate of the East Winds

According to a good old medieval belief, the mighty east winds have such power that they can destroy the whole world. And for this reason, those winds are kept under control in a part of the sky that seems to be located just above China or Japan, where the countries of the East are.

Eastern winds have a libertarian spirit and their power and desire for freedom is very difficult to restrain. Because of this, the Guardian Angels of the Gate of East Winds release them from time to time, and then storms, hurricanes, typhoons start. But it quickly dies down and they return to that part of the sky that belongs to them.

The Guardian Angels of the Gate of the East Winds take strict care to keep these mighty winds under control because otherwise, if they were given complete freedom of action, they would be able to destroy or more precisely blow away the entire world.

The Guardian Angels of the Gate of the East Winds certainly know all the mysteries of the winds of the east and are willing to tell about it to anyone who would ask them about it by any chance. In addition, they help in finding lost people, animals and objects. At the same time, they inspire us to new ideas, projects, exciting adventures and influence positive thinking. Certainly their influence is strongest when the eastern winds blow. T

hey have similar characteristics with the angels of the East, air and wind. Their names are also known: Asron, Bagnael, Barkiel, Bahaliel, Dormiel, Janiel, Jarashiel, Jahanak Raba, Karmiel, Massim, Modiel, Nohariel, Ramamel, Rahmiel, Tarfiel, Tirtael, Todadamael, Cadkiel and Shimshiel.

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