Hyrmiua from the Earth Zone

It is interesting to compare how Abramelin the Mage, Quintscher and Bardon called this spirit: Xyrmis, Nyrmiu and Hyrmiua. The first letter of her name differs in all three cases. This makes her name sound more different than it actually is. William Mistele doubts that Hyrmiua is the right name for this spirit. He said that the magicians, technically speaking, do not need the spirit’s name, if they concentrate on their sigils, “Imagining the lines to embody the spirit’s qualities and also putting some energy into it, in this case, brown light”. Mistele concludes that, “The sigil is in itself a mini evocation of the spirit.” (William Mistele, “The Spirit of 26 Degrees Virgo in the Earthzone, 2008”).

Similar spirits: Hyrmiua and Hyris are sisters. They can be often seen together in the Earth Zone and in our reality during the evocation. They are very helpful and sensitive angels.

Franz Bardon has written an excellent description of Hyrmiua. This head can help in the following areas: enlarging the capacity of consciousness depending on your maturity, preserving and regaining mental health and a sound mind and the power to read and influence the consciousness of every human being.

Hyrmiua, along with a few other spirits, especially LOTIFAR, whom I personally have very close contatc to, also controls people who committed suicide. If you want to get in touch with a person who had committed suicide, you can ask Hyrmiua to give you permission. If you already have friendly relations with her or with her sister Hyris, she will surely let you see that person. Hyrmiua can also then engage with you to take a more active part in helping that person’s recovery. Finally, in addition, as with all other spirits, magic with Hyrmiua can backfire depending on your level of your maturity.

Conjuration: In the name of Zeut, Elohim Tz’ Vah-oht, Haiel and Raphael, I ask you Hyrmiua to appear in my room to inflame my soul with love to God and spiritual extasy. I would like you to be my teacher of Divine virtues and I promise you that I will remain on my path as a modest spiritual seeker and mystic. Please give me more power and knowledge, because this will help me to fulfill my mission, which is to help people in need. Amen.

The magical image of an angel helping people in need will facilitate your future evocations of Hyrmiua. You will attract him with spiritually uplifting music and paintings, especially about spirits of light giving help to lost souls. You will also probably need to find some other ways how to maintain communication with this spirit fluently.

Dedicate 26° Leo to Hyrmiua. Inflame your soul with prayers. Pray to people who committed suicide. Astral project with Hyrmiua’s help. If you happened to know a person who committed suicide, ask Hyrmiua for permission to visit him. Write about your magic with Hyrmiua in your magical diary.

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