Rotor from the Earth Zone

Around these days Rotor’s influences are particularly strong. I was thinking occassionally about Rotor yesterday. Yesterday night, even though I was tired, I felt an urge to evoke this spirit. I had met him before, so this time, I did not have more complicated evocation than his sigil placed in my room and my circle.

Soon something clicked in my head and then I sensed Rotor’s presense, after repeating his names in a conjuration. The atmosphere changed immidiatly.

A presence of such a spirit, breaks the bounderies of the physical world, and soon we met each other in the etheric space of my room.

For a new magician this moment can be quite scary, and even if you have tens of evocations under your belt, you might feel a shock, especially if this spirit has no human nature. You meet something different, no being has such energy, no human, no plant, no animal, it is from another world, so yeah, you might feel a bit scared even if you have some experiences.

Rotor has no human nature. He looks like a short man, and I think that he could be classed as a sort of a fairy.

After a few moments of adaptation, and when we felt comfortable with each other, I thanked him for his help, and to my surprise, he also thanked me for my help. I asked: – Why? and he said: – Because you are talking about us.

But who is Rotor?

Rotor is one of the most powerful spirits of the Earth Zone that has the aim of influencing people’s imaginations, inspiring people to write fantastic stories, sagas and fairy-tales, and to help us fathom their deeper, hidden meanings. He has inspired many of the most beautiful sagas and fairy-tales in our world.

I am a writer and I really need his help. He gladly agreed again, even though he had also agreed a long time ago.

The best way to contact Rotor is while you are already writing. The more in-depth the questions if you are you asking him about (regarding themes, styles, plots, ideas and writing) the more you will benefit from him.

Good fairy-tales, sagas, science-fiction and fantasy stories should excite our imagination, remind us of better, more innocent times in the old days, direct us towards a brighter and more beautiful future, teach us wisdom and give us insight into Divine mysteries. Yet their essence should be genuine and based upon a foundation of spiritual truths.

So,write a fairytale. Ask Rotor to give you inspiration. Take notes about your magic with Rotor in your magical diary.


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