Magic Wands and Shem Angels

Magic wand is very much worth using during your evocations of Shem angels. It will make your evocations easier and more powerful. Ask the Shem angels to charge your wand during the evocation. You can use the same wand during all of your Shem rituals and evocations and keep it on your Shem altar. Each of the Shem angels are attracted to a special kind of wood, so the magician who is very advanced in Shem magic may eventually make 72 different magical wands dedicated to each angel. The Shem angels can teach the magician how to prepare the most powerful wands. They would also appreciate if you engrave their names and sigils into the wands, which you have dedicated to them.

Magical links to Shem angels through trees

Shem Angel Tree

1. Veuhiah Laurel – fire magic

2. Jeliel Willow – water magic

3. Sitael Acacia – Masculine energy aligned with the Sun and the element of air. It is used in spells related to protection and psychic power and the dried gum is used as a base for many incenses. … Acacia symbolizes the afterlife.

4. Elemiah Elder – Earth magic

5. Mahasiah Pine – Magic of four elements

6. Lelahel Pomegranate – Love magic

7. Achaiah Baobab

8. Kahetel Beech – Magic of plants

9. Aziel Olive – Magic of Peace

10. Aladiah Cornelian cherry – Healing

11. Lauviah Holly – Protection in general and in wartime

12. Hahaiah Juniper – magical protection against enemies

13. Jezalel Ash – air magic and magic of communication

14. Mebahel Mimosa and Hickory – Justice

15. Hariel Walnut – Magic of cabala

16. Hakamiah Oak – Jupiter Magic

17. Lanoiah/Lauviah/Leviah Ginko and Alder – Magic of art

18. Kaliel Yew – Magical formulae

19. Leuviah Eucalyptus –Magic of intellectual powers

20. Pahaliah Fir – Magic of Celestial Religions

21. Nelekael Hazel – Magic of Hermes Trismegistus

22. Jeiaiel/Ieiaiel Juniper – Saturn magic

23. Melahel Ebony tree – Mercury Magic

24. Hahuiah Shorea – Magic Beyond Saturn and Planetary Influences.

25. Nith-Haiah Kingwood

26. Haaiah Blackthorn – karma

27. Jerathel Jacaranda – Magic of Favours from Very Important Pople.

28. Seeiah Hawthorn – protection

29. Reiiel Ironwood- Magic of Truth

30. Omael Birch

31. Lekabel Apple – love magic

32. Vasariah Rowan – Magic of Protection

33. Jehuaih Mango – Phenomenal magic

34. Lehahiah Tulip tree – Magic of Light

35. Kevakiah Dogwood – Mars magic

36. Menadel Mahogany – Magic of Astronomy and Astrology

37. Aniel Sandalwood- Magic of life mission

38. Haamiah Misteltoe – inner wisdom

39. Rehael Peach – family magic

40. Ieiazel Larch – Magic of materialization and manifestation

41. Hahahel Poplar – extraterrestrial sources. Its airy quality opens up the individual to the highest of influences. Akasha magic

42. Mikael Cinnamon – Magic of power and personal authority

43. Veubiah Lemon – Talismanic Magic

44. Ielahiah Fig

45. Sealiah Palm – Solar magic

46. Ariel Quince – astral magic

47. Asaliah Ash, cherry, fig, oak, rowan and alder – Magic of scrying

48. Mihael Lignum Vitae – Wood of life – Alchemy

49. Vehuel Alder – Magic of divination

50. Daniel Banyan- Divine love and Divine Mercy

51. Hahasiah Elm – psychopomps

52. Imamiah Orange – gives joy and heals depression

53. Nanael Redwood – Mystical union with nature and wild animals. Magic of animals.

54. Nithael Myrtle – Venus Magic

55. Mebaiah Cherry – Fertility and propagation

56. Poiel Lucky Bamboo and parasol – Magic of luck

57. Nemamiah Saint Helena gumwood -very rare tree from a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. Cryptic people, animals and plants.

58. Jeialel Apricot – The crossroad of magical initiations

59. Harahel Planetree (Sycamore) – Stimulates the mind and intellect

60. Mizrael Myrrh

61. Umabel Bamboo – magic of friendship

62. Jah-Hel Cypress – Magic of teaching

63. Anianuel Money tree and gorse – Magic of wealth

64. Mehiel Hemlock – Here and now

65. Dambabiah Pear or magnolia- Moon Magic

66. Manakel Linden -Dream Magic.

67. Eiaiel Plum – Magic of agriculture

68. Habuiah/Habuhiah Elder – Protection against black magic and evil spirits

69. Rochel Empress tree – purity and morality. Magic of ethics, prudence, virtues and dignity

70. Jabamaih Mulberry – Wisdom, expression and meditation. Magic of Symbols

71. Haiel Cedar – Ceremonial Magic

72. Mumiah Sequoia

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