Iomi – The Dinosaurs on Venus

Attached is an article about dinosaurs on Venus. It is interesting, but is it only a fantasy? According to the 41st genius from Venus Iomi, it might be not just a fantasy after all.

It is Friday, so let’s speak about Iomi.

She looks like an adventurer with green adventure clothing, messy hair and dirty face when she is outside, but when she is at her home, and that is under the sea, she looks clean and very beautiful. She has green eyes with red pupils, dark blonde hair up to her shoulders, and she wears black pants or black robe.

Her region has two parts: the land and the city under the sea.

The land looks like the Jurassic park. It is a jungle with loud screams of birds flocking above. The birds are huge, with long beaks and wings with claws. Many dinosaurs roam around under the pinkish Venusian sky. This place is called “The surface”. The animals out there resembles dinosaurs on our planet. They once were incarnated on our planet but when it became inhospitable for them, they came to this region and they took them in. They are very intelligent species and communicate telepathically. They can communicate to anyone so their language is diverse. Venusians are still learning a lot from them since those animals are very old and have been to many planets.

The city under the sea is called “The Honey Comb”. Reason is simple, it tastes like honey, but before it tasted like Zumi fruit.

Zumi fruit is basically closely related to Dragon fruit, except it is very tiny and is black colored. It tastes extremely sour and the animals love to eat them.

Under the sea many Venusian spirits dance swimming around alongside with fish and jellyfish. There are buildings, houses, streets and long tubes where people travel through around the city. People water their plants, read in their gardens and fly around.

Their work there is to interpret knowledge. Knowledge gained from the the animal kingdoms. They also decipher symbols and create knowledge. So on the Earth when you see ancient tribes’ scribbles in codes and symbols, it often means that they were inspired to make them by Iomi and her assistants. According to Iomi, ancient tribes used codes and symbols due to their lack of linguistic skills, so their language mostly consisted of symbols.

So when there is a great chaos of suffering in the animal kingdom, that’s when they’re migrating from one plane of existence to another. They are shifting, moving and growing.

Iomi is very interested in gathering all information about the animal kingdom from our world’s reality, so if you meet her, she would be happy to hear this from you.

Talerman and Isis.

Hunting Dinosaurs on Venus

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