Osrail, the Angel of Death

Angels of Death

One of them is Osrail. He was mentioned by Bardon. I will quote Bardon about Osrail later.

What I want to say is that I evoked Osrail unintentionally, some 10 years ago. Namely, at that time, I was making a huge painting inspired by all of the sigils from Bardon’s book. And one day it was turn for me to draw Osrail’s sigil onto the painting. Without thinkink that anything would happen at that moment, because I was just doing my art without the intention to evoke, I finished drawing Osrail’s sigil and then…

What happened mext was my scariest evocations I have had. It was not because I had not had more terrifying evocations before, but because this one was the most physical of those all frightful experiences of them all I had ever had.

Namely, once I finished that sigil, and took my colors to paint it, from one corner in my room appeared a real physical monster animal about one meter long, in the shape of half snake and half centipede with a human-like hand. It was not even a meditation, nothing extraordinary, I was nowhere else but 100% here in the physical plane, and this creature was as real as your pet dog could be, here, now, on this earth, and nowhere else…

This creature walked easily and slowly through my room, and passed a few cm in front of my feet…And at one moment, I was thinking, maybe best to kill it, but luckily changhed my mind, oh I was frightened as hell. There was no circle, nothing, I was just painting, damn, just doing my art, had no intention to evoke this angel of death…When this creature went under my bed and finally disappeared, I read again what Bardon had written about this spirit, and concluded that what had come to me must have been probably not Osrail himself, but some of his subordinate spirits…Anyway…

Finally quoting Bardon:

“Fig. 21: Osrail – (colours of sign: red and violet) is a very powerful and

frightful intelligence of the zone girdling the earth and is regarded as the

death-angel of that zone. Everything connected with death in the zone girdling

the earth as well as in the physical world, is influenced by this intelligence. It

is not wise to evoke this intelligence. Only a highly experienced magician

should dare to do it. If he succeeds in getting Osrail under his…”

Angels of death have numerous responsibilities. According to the early Christian thinker Origen, the angel of death is the “heavenly companion” who accepts the soul the moment it leaves the body. Rabbinic works include as the angels of death: Azrael, Abaddon (Apolion, Apollyon), Hemaha, Kafziel, Kezef, Leviathan, Malach ha-Maveta, Mashita, Yehudiah and Yetzer-hara. In Zorostrianism, Mairya is one of the main angels of death.

It is generally believed that there is no way to avoid the Angel of Death. One morning, King Solomon, after the chirping of birds, learned that the angel of death was planning to take two of his closest associates. Solomon revealed this to them, and they asked him to avoid such a fate. He persuaded them to flee to the magical city of Luz, where the angel of death was forbidden to enter. Acording to the Talmud, this is a mysterious city where everyone remains immortal as long as they are within the city walls. After listening to Solomon, two of his associates headed to the city whose location Solomon knew very well due to his magical abilities. When his associates came in front of the city gates, they found an angel of death already waiting for them in front of the walls, preventing them from passing.

This story, like many others, indicates that death cannot be escaped and that Death always has the last word in the end. However, there are, in exceptional situations, even the few ones who managed to outwit death. Rabbi Joshua ben Levy persuaded the angel of death to hold his sword. Rejecting to give him back, he ran straight to Eden alive. Beit ha-Midrash mentions the story of Moses how he wrote the thirteenth Torah on the day he learned that he would die to prevent the angel of death from taking him away with him, given the traditional belief that one cannot die while studying the Torah.

However, some magicians, think differently, and I agree with them…If you become a good friend with some of those angels, it is possible to discuss with them about if you want to pass away earleir or later than you are supposed to.

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