LIXIPSP – Enochian Magic

It was a dark and terrible place. The fog was all around me. All kind of demons were observing me (that’s how I felt), but I could not spot any of them. I was repeating to myself: “Whatever demon comes out of this fog, I won’t get afraid, I will be stronger”.

Off course, I was a little bit scared, but as I kept on walking through BAG, my confidence grew stronger. At the end I knew that I would go through BAG, when I saw a beam of light appearing from a hole. The space where I was become lighter. And I became lighter too. The heavy fog started disappearing and I knew that it was the end of my journey.

It seemed as I was leaving the tunnel of BAG behind me. I saw a very nice garden in front of me and I thought: – If I am in BAG’s hell, this must then be BAG’s paradise.

Then I thought: – OK, I made it through, but where the hell is that LIXIPSP who was supposed to attack me?

At the very same moment, a big black dog jumped on me, but I had no idea that it actually was LIXIPSP. I just said: “Why is it bothering me now when I am getting out of BAG?”

I stopped the Dog with those words at once. When I finally got out of the tunnel I saw it in a company with another dog playing in front of the BAG’s gate.

In front of me there was a paradise-like hill where I spot several crowing roosters on top of it. The sky had purple colour.

Even once I came back to this reality, I heard the roosters crowing from my neighbourhood, which was strange as there are no roosters in this area.

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