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Malchjdael – the first genius of Jupiter

Malchjdael is one of the most powerful spirit in our Solar system and he also has this advantage that it is easy to have communication with. He is very interested in human affairs and likes to teach. He may appear in many different ways, but his presence is very strong during the evocation. You have no need to alter your mind in order to perceive his presence. The first time I evoked him some ten years ago, it was outside, and I saw millions of transparent and white sparks falling from the sky. If you cannot see him, you should be able to feel his strong presence. His power might be invisible to you, but is very real. You might be alone, but you will feel like there were at least 10 people in your room even if you do not see him.

Last Thursday I evoked him once again. His presence was immediately powerful. I saw his etheric figure in my room. I offered him to sit in my armchair. There was also a cup of coffee and a cake at the table for him. In the later stage of the evocation, I saw him in his own realm. He looks like a very handsome knight. He was riding a horse. He told me that he spends half of his time on Jupiter and half of his time on the Earth.

Malchjdael told me many interesting stories. Jupiter is a very noble planet. This genius has done his best to help humans become more noble too, so that they will by time look more like spirits from Jupiter. He said that his lessons were never supposed to be strict. He likes to teach through interesting games and fun. Very long time ago he inspired many kinds of sports competitions, such as martial arts and horse and chariot races. Those competitions were later corrupted and became gladiator games due to some very gruesome devilish demonic horsemen who are very powerful and whose mission is to transform originally noble games into violent and absurd battles. Their leader is a dark knight. He is so powerful that he would have been practically invincible, if there were not for Malchjdael who is the only one who can stop him and prevent his plans. Two of them have fought many battles. They are like twins. Most probably, Malchjdael was talking about his counter-genius.

This head likes to speak about the ancient time and mysteries. He told me that the time before the Great Flood was truly very ancient, but for the spirits from Jupiter, all our history from the Great Flood until today is modern. Many great spirits of Jupiter remember the time of the Great Flood very well. He asked me not to be offended, but we humans are truly like ants for them. They do not look down at us because of that. Those are just facts. They respect us very much, so that some of them agree to reincarnate into human beings in order to help them grow.

Now, Malchjdael himself have incarnated into the Earth several times. If we want to say this more exactly he was incarnated as a human only in one of his part, while the most of who he is, has always been the same and resided on Jupiter.

In one of his incarnation, Malchjdael was Melchizedek. Malchjdael is still the supervisor and guardian of the Melchizedek’s order. They are priests and also kings: the eternal priest kings, masters of the masters, bound to Earth by their aspiration to lift mankind to their own level of consciousness. They are Malchjdael’s subordinate spirits.

This genius confirmed to me that many stories and legends about Melchizedek are trustworthy. Famous meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek has influenced several Kabbalistic legends. Many religious spirits are thrilled with this enigmatic king and priest. The Torah mentions Melchizedek both as the king of Salem and as a “priest” kohen to El Elyon (the supreme God). According to one legend, Melhizedek is the author of Sefer Jetsirah which describes the creation of the universe through the 10 Sephiroth and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Suitable Kabbalistic symbols for Melchizedek are cup and bread.

Melhizedek’s earlier period of life is described in the Second Book of Enoch. Melhizedek appears there as the son of Noah’s brother Niro. God told Niro that Melhizedek would become the priest and announced him to be the leader. Forty days later, archangel Michael told Niro in a dream that he had come down to take away Melhizedek. The next morning Melhizedek disappeared, and Nir died soon after in deep mourning. Melhizedek, however, reappeared during the Great Flood. He was said to feed Noah’s animals. After the flood, according to early Christian tradition, he returned to the Earth, becoming the high priest and king of Salem. Melhizedek’s power was such that he could make great, wonderful and unseen miracles. In the Qumran text, 11QMelch, Melhizedek does not appear as a mortal, but as the supreme being above all other angels. In the Qumran record 11Q13, Melhizedek’ is addressed with words that usually go with God: El and Elohim. The Jewish philosopher Philo identified him with Logos. Melhizedek has attracted the attention of the non-Jewish people. Phoenician mythology identifies him as the father of the seven angels of presence, while early Greek authors call him the Prince of Peace. Origen considered him to be an angel. Pseudo-Dionysius called him God Hierarch Loved One. For Pseudo-Turtilillianus, Melchizedek was very gracious heavenly force that makes for the angels what Christ does for us humans. Theodotus, the third century gnostic argued that there is a force greater than Christ and that this force is Melchizedek.

An early Christian community “melhizedeks” saw in Mlhizedeku mediator between God and the angels. Accordint to this sect, he was superior to Christ, who is the mediator between God and men. In the Gnostic tractate Melchizedek, which was discovered at Nag Hammadi library, Melchizedek is mentioned as the manifestation of God among the people as the “holy warrior”. Modern theosophists see in Melchizedek an Ascended Master who knows the secret of God, the universe and the history of the planets and is now working to establish Heaven on Earth. According to Theosophy, Jesus is the High Priest of the Melchizedek Order, of which all people, at some level, are the members. Hazel Raven, author of The Angel Bible, notes that Melhizedek helps all the people who are aware of their higher spiritual purpose in their efforts to become workers of light. Melchizedek is so interesting, that he is said that he is for the angels the same as Christ is for the people.

This genius told me that some of those stories are related to him as human and others who he otherwise is. He is very noble. He is not modest. He likes people. He has no human moral, but he knows humans well, because he has had this appearance to be a human being. For him, it is not a problem to appear in his physical form. So, if the magician truly wants to see a physical manifestation of a spirit, this genius may grant him that wish.


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