Ebvap – The Moon Zone

1st Lunar Angel – Geriz/Geniel/Ebvap

1st Mansion – Alnath (Horns of Aries) – 0°0’0”-12°51’22” Aries –

The Mansion of Initiation and New Beginnings –

Arabian name: Geriz

Western tradition: Geniel

Evocation: Ebvap may appear as a very tall and slim spirit with an incredibly handsome face. It is difficult to tell his gender, so he might be an androgyne. He is an ancient and extremely lucid and powerful intelligence with blond eyes and dark hair, sometimes wearing a long robe which seems very reflective like a mirror. He is a friendly spirit, kind and likes to smile, but he can also sometimes under different circumstances and in order to show certain lessons appear as a fierce warrior. One magician saw him in a form of a gladiator on the floor of a Roman coliseum, probably to boost in him energy he had been lacking. Ebvap gives the magician great energy and enthusiasm in order to spark the initial fire needed for a successful start. Nevertheless, when the magician starts something new but is sick or in a bad mood, it could rarely bring good results. The magician should in that case revive his enthusiasm first with Ebvep’s help in the name of Shaddai El Chai. “Strategy is very important,” this angel said to a magician and then with passion he added, “Now is the time to put your plans into action!”

According to Franz Bardon, Ebvap is an excellent initiator into the Moon magic. Soon after the first evocation of this angel, the magician may start exploring the etherical part of the Moon which in kabala is called Assiah or Expression of Yesod. There might be nothing alive in the physical plane of the Moon, but Ebvap’s mission is to show that the Moon Zone is full of life in its astral dimensions. So far as modern sciences are concerned, the material part of the Moon is not a hospitable region for the biological organisms, but its astral regions offer all possible conditions to support the astral life forms which might not be observable by our physical senses, but can nevertheless be reachable through magic.

The Bulgarian mystic Omraam Michael Aivanhov, advised his students to pass as quickly as possible through the lower plane of the Moon in order to promptly reach some higher Moon’s regions. During the magicians’ first early attempts to reach some higher lunar dimensions, they may instead end up walking around its lower etheric regions which are often covered by the dark or yellowish fog. This fog may prevent you from seeing clearly. It is so dense that it also sometimes makes it difficult to walk. A little of what people manage to spot there is often somehow misshaped. When people get into the etheric parts of the Moon for the first time, they may feel the presence of many etheric beings. At first, it might not be possible to observe their true figures and it might be very difficult to get in touch with them, as they move like shadows. A few of them can also be seen to be on their quick way down to the Earth. The magicians may be at first pressed hard by the heavy lunar atmosphere, but If they are truly interested in exploring the lowest etheric parts of the Moon, Ebvap may find for them some proper lunar spiritual guides, so they may learn from them how to explore the Moon without having to experience the initial pressure and difficulties.

The first part of the realm of Alnath is actually the bordering zone between the Earth and Moon sphere. There are many passings there from one zone to another. So, it might happen to you that you cross the white, narrow and very long bridge which connects the Earth to the Moon. Underneath is nothing, just air, but above is the giant Moon. You may also enter the Moon Zone by the train. There is a large railway station in Alnath. Once you get out the train some passengers may be mistakenly seen as hostile. But if something like that happens to you, you should understand that you are still in the etheric region of the Moon which often is covered by that yellowish flog. Wait patiently for a few moments for the fog to lift up by itself, and then the astral region of the Moon in its full beauty and clarity may open up to you. The same passengers who looked hostile just a moment ago, may now seem to be very happy to see you and you may also hear them welcoming you to the Moon.

Nearby the capital train station, there is also a tall round building that seems very old because it is falling apart. The building has no doors or windows. Some parts of the building seems to be broken and yet it looks like it is supposed to be like that. Some people read books there in a giant library. The books are perfectly stacked all the way to the top. People who are reading books are standing in the air and walking in the air to get to the next book. While showing to a magician books in that giant library, Ebvap told her that some of them were written by her in some of her previous incarnations, and continued: “Those books up there in that section are yours. Over many life times you have given us many of your books, your findings and understandings of your experiences in different realms and dimensions.”

If the magicians liked to write a book about the Moon, they would find in Ebvap the best possible teacher and inspirer. Ebvap may ask you to hand him in all what you have been ever written or thought about the Moon in your life time. At that moment, a lot of papers which consist of any of your thoughts about the Moon during your life time may suddenly appear in your hands. If that happens, give him your papers. He would examine your writings and later give back his opinion. Ebvap, who doubtlessly adores books, was one of the main lunar spirits who has given inspirations to some authors to write books about the Moon. Just to name a few examples: John Lyly published a comedy “Woman on the Moon” in 1597; Johannes Kepler wrote in “Somnium” (1611) how extraterrestrial civilisations were exploring the universe and how they were watching the Earth from the Moon’s surface; Cyrano de Bergerac published in 1656 an essay on the political and social situation on the Moon and Daniel Defoe writes in “The Consolidator” (1705) a story about a space-traveler who is so shocked about England’s affairs that he thinks that he has landed on the Moon.

The architecture of Alnath is amazing, so also is nature. In the centre of the city there is a giant lake which reflects tiny silver sparkles. There are all kinds of trees on this part of the Moon. At the end, it is the bordering region towards the Earth Zone. So, most of the trees and plants from this mansion can also be found on the Earth. But, the pine trees and willows seem to prevail, at least around this lake.

Somewhere in lower parts of mansion, there is also a Roman coliseum, with gladiators fighting in it. Do they really fight, or is it just a staged fight for the magician? Who knows? But one thing is sure: People and other spirits from this part of the Moon truly enjoys sports competitions. There are, for example, football stadiums everywhere in this mansion.

There are many astronomers in this region. Ebvap is a great initiator into Lunar astrology. He was one of those main driving spiritual forces which inspired our ancestors to watch stars, enjoy the beauty of the sky and create first calendars. Many segments of Lunar astrology are complicated and difficult to understand, but after the first successful evocation of Ebvap, the magician may notice how his capacity to understand this subject becomes naturally and spontaneously stronger. This angel is a guardian of all the astronomers in the Moon Zone and the Earth Zone, including those from our world’s reality. Even though the astronomers mostly do not believe in cosmic spirits, Ebvap did encourage many of them mostly through inspiration to do remarkable discoveries about the Moon and other celestial bodies.

Ebvap also helps the magician’s understanding of tides and electric and magnetic fluids of the Moon. With this genius’ help, the magician may become a master of flows and motions of the Moon. This genius represents the force behind the flow of rivers, oceans and blood. If the Moon stopped sending its currents towards the Earth, the blood would then stop circulating, rivers would freeze and plants would stop growing, which all would very soon lead to the end of the life on our planet.

According to “Picatrix” the peaceful aspect of Geriz watches over the beginnings of journeys and traveling safely. It was said that on the day of the 1st Moon Mansion: “The wise men start journeys and take care of their health”. Even though if it is generally good time for the magician to start up something new when the Moon is in its 1st Mansion and with Ebvap’s help, if we are sick, we’d still better stay at home and choose medicine wisely. First of all, the magician should take care of their own health and try something new only once their strengths are fully recovered. The wise men were also said to start their journeys when their families were safe at home, which also is Ebvap’s suggestion.

The magician should ask Ebvap for a help when they are setting off with something new. Ebvap would grant a good time for healing, planting, and undertaking any action, especially if the Moon is in its 1st Mansion. The ancient sages used to plant trees, buy new cloths and cut hair when the Moon was in the 1st House as a part of their rituals by which they would signify the importance of their new ventures and actions. However, the rituals for the new starts were later largely forgotten, but the magician is encouraged by Ebvap to consciously practice them in order to be successful in his endeavours.

Ebvap is one of the most excellent protectors against all kinds of negative lunar influences and a true friend to all sincere magicians. He may also teach us how to protect against all malevolent lunar influences which may generate: mental illnesses, nightmares, psychosis, irrationality, uncontrolled emotions, degenerate passions, etc. The magician should be aware of possible attacks and if that happens he should know how to fight them back. Once Ebvap has helped the magician discover some of the spirits who had not wished him well, he was able to banish them easily. It is easy to banish most of the spirits once you are aware that they are around you.

According to “Picatrix”, Geriz aslo watches over the effective administration of medicines. The magician may ask this angel for help, when things start falling apart and fail in their initial phases, such as when: medicines fail to give results, love relations fail, journey doesn’t pay off, trade goes wrong and plants don’t grow, unsafe start of a journey, premature disunity, sudden draught, early dissatisfaction, unexpected poverty and early lies. The magician should recognise those negative lunar influences at once and replace them with the help of of Ebvap with: effective medicine, safe journey, peaceful home, happy family, good friends, good harvest, satisfaction, multiplication of wealth, successful trade, excellent health, life energy, self-confidence, intuition, psychic powers, understanding of dreams and clairvoyance. The magicians sometimes decide to bring certain people under their special magical protection. When they do so, they should also request Ebvap to give them instructions how to protect them more effectively and ask them to be their guardian.

The last but not least, this spirit likes to show you alternate history and how your alternate life would be if you made some different decisions in your post.


According to the Picatrix, the wrathful aspect of Geriz (waning, afflicted Moon) watches over discord between partners, causing servants to flee, and killing. His talisman looks like a black man with a fastener in his hair throwing a small javelin from his right hand and it serves to destroy another person.


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