Michael, Mehiel, Mihael, Mihel and Mikael

They are all different angels. As most people share some same names in our world’s reality, it is similar with angels, but their names are not given by chance. There is a deep meaning behind any of their names, so you might be certain that all of those “Michael” angels are very closely related to each other, and even say they are members of the great angelic Michael family.

What unites them all is that they all are deeply linked with Mercury, and that they are at the same also teachers of Solar magic. But this should not confuse anyone, the Sun and Mercury are very close even physically, and they are even more close in the astral realm.

They are all extremely powerful, certainly among the mightiest spirits in the universe. They protect fighters and heroes.

If you already have good relations with Archangel Michael, you should be able to get along well with Mechiel or with any other member of this angelic family.

Let’s start this story with the three Shemhaphorash angels with similar names.

Those three Shem angels are Mihael, Mikael and Mehiel. Their respective three-letters names are MIH, MIK and MHI. Their respective English epitaphs are: The God, the generous father, The God who answers all questions and The Vivifying God. Their main platform of teaching is Mercury, and they all teach about Solar magic.

Mihael (MIH)- The 48th Shem angel. In his most Divine region, Mihael is the main guardian of all Solar gates in the universe, including the ones from our own Sun. This angel is respected as one of the mightiest kings of the Sun. Mihael represents some of the best aspects of the Sun and he likes to teach people how to reach the Solar level of consciousness. He can help your advance towards the Lesser Face or Microprosopos (or Melek-King), which extends from Binah to Malkuth with Tipharet in the center.

Mikael (MIK) – The 42nd Shem angel. Mikael is one of the most powerful Shem angels. His tremendous solar powers and energies are similar to Mihael. He is one of the best teachers of Solar magic. This mighty angel can give you power, energy, charism and authority, but you need to be very careful with this gift, because it can easily go out of control if you are not able to cultivate it. . Mikael is one of the greatest guardians of politics and politicians. He is very familiar with all political secrets, and he also likes to share interesting stories about our world’s politics and politicians.

Mehiel (MHI) – The 64th Shem angel. Precisely like all other angels from “Michael family”, Mehiel is a very powerful angel. He is noble, handsome, just and correct. He appears sometimes as a noble knight. After the evocation, you might feel a bit dizzy with slight headache and sleepy. He often reveals his ideas through dreams. Those magicians who are attracted by Mercury and consider themselves as “Mercurial children”, will also find out that Mehiel is their natural protector. If you need protection against people, animals or any other seen and unseen forces, ask Mehiel for help. According to Franz Bardon, this angel’s formulae are able to “turn enemy that endangers the magician’s life into a pile of ashes.” Mehiel may also teach you how to control the elements, become immune against ageing, and prolong your life at will. Mehiel’s people grow old healthy and beautifully, and remain handsome and vital even as centenarians. Mehiel controls both wild beasts and pets. He teaches about taming wild animals and how to treat animals from various diseases. This angel also heals people from rabies and any other illness picked up from animals.

Archangel Michael is the most famous member of this angelic family. He was the one of only two angels who were explicitly mentioned in the Old Testament. There is probably no church in the world today without his iconography. People used to call for Michael throughout history, especially during wartime. Michael is not only one of the four main protectors of the magical circles and the ruler of the fire element, but he is also connected to Mercury and the Sun. He seems to be especially active on Wednesdays. People can indeed sense this archangel in many different ways. They can hear him in their prayers, feel his energy and see his light. He may appear in their dreams. This archangel can inspire your actions and give you courage.

Archangel Michael seems to be present everywhere, so the question is how this can be possible? The answer is that Archangel Michael is a great spirit. When he meditates at one place, he be present in many parts of our Solar system at the same time. Even some people can bilocate or even be at more than two places at the same time, and for archangels the capacity of multiple presence is in their nature.

The innermost essence of Archangel Michael is the one of the seventh most superior angels sitting by the throne of God. Since he, like all other Archangels, respects the right of free will of human beings, he will not impose himself, but will wait for the moment when the individual will begin to aspire to him in accordance with the manifestation of free will. Michael provides protection to those who decide to start from lethargy and hopelessness and enter “enemy waters”.

He is the ruler of the sephirah Hod. We should go to Hod when we are in trouble and when we have a premonition that some unknown danger is approaching us. Archangel Michael will give us protection in Hod, but he will also teach us how we can protect ourselves. Insight into Hod was a picture of a very real military barracks. Walking around the barracks, I got the opportunity to talk to Archangel Michael. In his castle, Mihailo is an excellent host and as a reward he gives his visitor the Fire Sword of Freedom.

The grimioires mentioned at at least two more members of this family. They are far less known. One of them is Mihel. He was mentioned in Liber Iuratus Honorii, as an angel of Mercury. According to this grimoire, he brings good spirits to people, and also gives answer to things present, past and future. He teaches the secret deeds which are to be done. He reveals the secrets of all other spirits or any other secrets. He can do the same things that other spirits can do. His fashion is movable, clear like glass, or the flame of white fire. His region is between the West and the North. He could be the same as the Shem angel Mihael.

Finally, there is another Michael, obviously not the same as our famous archangel, mentioned in Liber Iuratis Honori. Unlike all other “Michaels”, this Michael is mentioned as the angel of the Moon. In this aspect, he changes thoughts and will, prepares journeys, tells words that should be spoken, and causes rain. His body is long and great, and whitish like crystal or ice, or like dark cloud. His region is the West.



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