The Spirit of Copper

The Spirit of Copper

I wrote this article with the huge help of my amazing friend Irma Čamdžić Džinić

You can meditate with a copper wire wrapped around your head or with a piece of copper in your hand. Choose Friday for meditation. You can do it any other day later. Copper has been associated with Venus since antiquity. Cyprus, where the largest copper deposits were found in ancient times, was home to both Venus and copper.

The main Spirit of Copper has been strongly associated with human beings since ancient times. Its domination over human civilization lasted from approximately 5000 to 3300 BC., which represents the Copper Age, in the transition between the New Stone Age and the Bronze Age. This great spirit was one of the main drivers of culture and technological progress, and certainly the main driver of metallurgy. The fact that people, as always, used technological inventions made of copper to destroy and kill has nothing to do with this powerful spirit, whose ideas have always been noble, and concerned about the spread of love, harmony, friendship and love. His connections with Venus have always been extremely close. If he encouraged human progress, it was only because he wanted to bring human society closer to the ideal communities as they had already been on Venus.

The main Spirit of Copper loves history. For that reason, he can appear either as a sage from the beginning of the Bronze Age, a medieval knight or a gentleman with a top hat and a monocle. How he will appear to you will, of course, have something to do with what he wants to teach you. Sometimes, but not necessarily, karmic relationships can be involved. If, for example, you see a couple in love sitting and kissing, in clothes from the beginning of the 17th century, that vision can be karmic. It may be so that the Main Spirit of Copper just inspires you to write love poetry or paint a work of art. Feel free to ask him to clarify what you are in doubt about.

Certain points of the Earth Zone, especially those that were magically active in ancient times, are under the special protection of this great spirit. For that reason, it can easily happen that it takes you to one of those areas, so that you can have a special spiritual experience there. These areas are mostly ancient copper deposits, such as in Cyprus, Turkey or in the area of ​​the Great North American Lakes.

His presence is noticeable even where the remains of all the temples of Venus are.

One of his favorite places is also Stonehenge. Magical ceremonies are still held there in the astral plane, and that magic is clearly felt in our reality as well. In the astral plane, the field around Stonehenge is covered with lilies, sunflowers and various bell flowers. The whole ambience is golden.

During copper meditation, you may feel a certain heaviness at the beginning, and a headache after the meditation. This is because his energy is extremely deep. But this is not a big problem, and it diminishes if the copper is sprinkled with holy water.

This wonderful spirit of distinct artistic inclinations is, among other things, a powerful protector of art and love. This has been shown countless times throughout history from the end of the Neolithic to the present day. His enemies are all destroyers of culture, and especially proponents of totalitarianism. In that sense, the Great Spirit of Copper can take you back in time to show you what some of the key battles fought between culture and the forces of destruction looked like. Very often the Great Spirit of Copper can show you an alternative current situation as a warning as to what it would look like if the forces of destruction and totalitarianism gained complete domination over humankind.

These are terrible visions of a dictatorship and in which absolutely everything is under control, as if some invisible force is governing the people. There is a mechanism in the floor that reads blood pressure and heart rate, and can read thoughts and detect when a person is upset. If he feels that man as a threat, he is able to eliminate him in an instant. In that complete control over people who sow fear and trembling, a man who poses a threat to the system, just collapses dead. There are many ways to eliminate that person. For example, some deadly texts are inserted on the Internet, which kill rebels only if they accidentally read it.

Such a vision of a terrible future is not unrealistic at all. The Great Spirit of Copper warns that lately we may be moving in that direction with great strides.

This spirit loves freedom. He advocates a completely free human society. His ideal is on Venus, where cities, villages and other settlements are based exclusively on friendship and love. If you want to travel to Venus, ask this spirit to help you. The most powerful talismans of Venus are traditionally made of copper.

Copper has long been used in ceremonial magic to summon the spirits and energies of Venus. Ask the Great Spirit of Copper to help you summon the ninety highest intelligences of Venus, the archangel Haniel and the mighty gods and goddesses of Venus. At the very least, this spirit will help you dream of Venus. If you dream of butterflies, bees, lambs, calves, dolphins, dinosaurs, big birds or black panthers with a barker, it will be, for example, a sure sign that you have been to Venus, because they are all animals of Venus.

If you notice a spiral like a big ear spinning in a circle of blue and green, it would mean that you are standing in front of a portal leading to Venus. Feel free to enter it. Embark on a journey. When the journey is over, it will mean that you have stepped on the ground of the astral Venus. Take a walk and enjoy the amazing view. If you have a desire to meet some intelligence, god or goddess of Venus, look for him there. Ask the other spirits of Venus where he is. Look for it with a sigil. Embark on a new mental journey through Venus. When you come to that great spirit you have been looking for, it will certainly be a new unforgettable spiritual experience. Notice him and share with others what he will allow you. Be very careful with Venus, because there are a lot of very innocent spirits, people and animals, which you can hurt if you don’t take care. Venus is the planet of souls.

The Great Spirit of Copper is also a great magician. One of his favorite disciplines is tarot, so it can easily happen to you to look at your cards, and what he will tell you through those cards will no doubt be 100% true.

The Great Copper Spirit can help you with clairvoyance. It is no coincidence that magic mirrors were often made of copper before. Meditation on the Great Spirit of Copper is often accompanied by visions of bright purple and indigo colors. In Ayurveda, the copper vessel had the power to harmonize the elements through positive filling, stimulating impulses in the brain, killing bacteria, regulating the thyroid gland, healing inflammation, arthritis and joint pain. In ancient Egypt, it was used to sterilize wounds and to drink water. The ancient Aztecs fought against sore throats by drinking water from copper vessels. Modern science confirms that copper has antimicrobial effects.

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