Mimosah – The Earth Zone, Justice

I spent my childhood across the street from Kalemegdan Park in Jovanova street no. 2, so I had the opportunity to play there with my friends every day. A hundred meters up the hill above the entrance to Kalemegdan, there was a pink elephant next to which my sister lost her ring and a magical tree stump, which for us kids was like some kind of portal to another world, which we somehow intuitively knew, without anyone telling us anything about it. .

Three or four decades later, I decided to take a walk around Kalemegdan again, so I visited the ancient fortress of the Temple of Knowledge, which was built in some ancient – perhaps Celtic – past, and which later generations have forgotten. I saw scholars in blue and white aprons diligently studying some ancient scriptures. They had with them modern instruments that had not yet been invented, so they used them together with old devices that were used by ancient peoples, but which had been forgotten.

What they had on their desks, therefore, either hadn’t been invented yet or had long been forgotten, so I could only look in amazement at all those objects, of which I only recognized something familiar on one desk, which resembled a pen. The scientists welcomed me warmly, and immediately started showing and explaining to me the maps of the world and maps of human and animal anatomy hanging on the walls and corridors of this unusual institute.

A corridor led to the next room, but a woman told me not to go there because the Devil was there. I didn’t listen to this lady, so I went right there, and what I saw then, I would not like to comment in this story. When I returned back, curious scientists asked me what I saw there, and then they escorted me to the balcony from which there was a view of Heavenly Belgrade. I took off like a bird, leaving the scientists behind, and flew several times around the Belgrade fortress, which was simply bursting with heavenly health and abnormal age, bathed in colors that do not exist in this world of ours, of which the pale red color of the marble stood out in particular.

And while I was thus returning to Shanghai in my flight, I heard the voice of the great spirit of Mimosahah behind me: – Belgrade contributed a lot to nations! –

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