Morech – The Earth Zone, Fire Magic

Happy Aries! 


Spirits of Spring are inviting you to live each day to the fullest by giving you directions how to make it special, through mundane, artistic, spiritual and magical activities. You can quickly improve as a human being in any wished directions if you decide to tune deeply into Spring by magically exploring its every day.

Aries is associated with Fire. The first of Aries is the hottest day of that sign. It is characterized by extreme heat and tremendous rebellious powers. It is ruled by Morech, who is one of the mightiest kings of fire. His rule definitely gives a clear advantage of yang over yin principles, at least in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

Conjuration: In the name of YHVH, Adonai Malek, Vehuiah, angels of the mighty Seraphim order and the archangels Michael and Sandalphon, I ask you mighty king of fire Morech to appear in front of me, in a form which will not blind me, so that you can teach me about fire magic, and furthermore I promise to use your knowledge properly. Can you help me embrace qualities of your people who are inspired by fire, heat, revolutionary zeal, have a lot of ideas, inspirations and energy? Amen.

The magical image of a rebel tends to make Morech’s evocations more powerful and faster. S.L. Mathers assumed (in “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin” from 1900) that Morech’s name origins from Hebrew, MRH – to rebel. He is attracted to art masterpieces depicting the fire element when it is in its rebellious zeal.

Dedicate 1° Aries to Morech. Solve problems which you were avoiding and postponing for a long time. Fight for your rights. Do the right things. Revive your old, forgotten and neglected projects and start fulfilling your dreams. Use your inspiration to do something new or to revive your old ideas. Learn how to create electric volts with Morech’s help. Take notes in your magical diary about your magic with Morech.

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