Umabel – Mercury, Easy Living

Magical day with Umabel

3 March

Easy living and seasonal changing

Umabel’s faculties cover many different things like:

Easy living, intelligence, friendship, officers, health, Sandalphon, Holy Grail, alchemists, physicists, spaceships and airplane builders, space missions, air journeys, stars, seasonal changings, meteorologists, hunting and fishing.

But let’s focus today on easy living and seasonal changing, though we may also discuss any other of his themes if you are up to. 

Umabel appears as a very old and wise man. He has a great sense of humour. He is also a very tall, strong and powerful angel. His inner strength seems to be 1000 times stronger than the combined inner strength of the 1000 mightiest magicians from our world. Nevertheless, he is very friendly, helpful and always ready to help, teach and make jokes. Umabel’s subordinate spirits are lovely people, beautiful fairies and adorable animals. Many of them populate the mental, astral and physical plane of the Earth, and can also be found in all other places in our Solar system where there is love and friendship.

In his most Divine light as Sila, Umabel is the Solar essence of all Mercurial things in the universe. Mercury’s nature is determined by power of Sila. It brings harmony, beauty, life, health, creativity and enlightenment to Mercury, the Earth and all other planets.

Umabel helps the magician in love, health, friendship, satisfaction, recreation and journeys. Easy living should be granted if you have Umabel by your side.

Umabels rules over seasonal changings too. When seasons change, electro-magnetic currents are especially active, and this angel teaches the magicians how to observe and use them for their own magical work and spiritual benefits. 

So, I wonder what do you think about this seasonal changings? How they can benefit you? What should you do to make the best out of them? 


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