There is the Tree of Life within each sephira. So, let’s see what it is in Netzchah.

The magician should have the capacity to have the first-hand experience of each inner sephira from the Inner Tree of Netzchah.

Kether in Netzcah is the most ideal part of Netzcah, in which the magician may learn cabala from some of the most Divine sources directly encountering Divine names.

Chokmah in Netzchah is the most spiritual part of Netzchah. The magician will meet here some of the greatest cosmic guardians of love, art, beauty and all good things in life. This part of Netzchah helps the magicians create beautiful art, grants them a life in peace and security, and enables them to keep up with their magical work and studies undisturbed. This region also reveals hidden enemies and prevents conflicting situations.

Binah in Netzchah is the most virtuous part of Netzchah. Here the magician is in ecstasy, possessed by Divine drunkenness. Divine visions often go with the visits of this sphere. Here you may have the first hand experience with Divine virtues. The mission here is learn how to cultivate love to God. The easiest way to reach any star or planet is through love to God. This region is also a realm of Divine mercy and consolation. If you have unclear conscious, make a confession there. It is better to confess in Binah in Netzchah than to priests from your orthodox religions.

Chesed in Netzchah is the most masculine part of this sephira. Here you may, among many other things, learn how to become a psychopomp. This is a special gate to all possible spheres in the Universe, including all inner sephiroth within sephiroth and even the backside of the Tree of Life. You may meet here some of the greatest knights in the Universe. If you are for some reasons pushed to explore the darkest secrets of your soul, infernal regions of any planet or qlippotic realms of any sephira, try to remember this part of Netzchah ruled by Hahasiah.

Geburah in Netzchah is the most protective part of Netzchah. Here is the source that protects not only Venus, but all other Venusian-like planets in the universe. Without the permission of the spirits who dwell here, no spirit could reach the Venus Zone or stay there for a longer time. If you get in good terms with this region, no unfriendly and malice individuals may approach you, and after a while you might observe that you are surrounded only by good, smart, gregarious and life-loving people. All in all, from here you will get the mightiest possible protection against any enemy.

Tiphareth in Netzchah has the Solar essence of Venus. Here you may, for example, learn how spirits from Venus perceive the Sun and reveal all secrets relations between Venus and the Sun. This region is also populated by some of the most amazing animals in our Solar system.

Netzach in Netzchah embraces some of the most beautiful things in the universe. It is the cosmic center from which all Venusian planets, beings and things come from. It is the paradise inside the paradise, the origin of the most beautiful, noble, passionate and artistic spirits from the whole Universe.

Hod in Netzchah is the most Mercurial part of Venus. Here is the source of all Venusian sciences. This is also where you go if you need to balance your logic with your emotions.

Yesod in Netzchah stands around the gates of Venus. Spirits from this region welcome in everybody who comes to this planet either as a visitor or a new inhabitant. The greatest schools of initiation to Venus magic are located here.

All in all, you need to be careful when you visit Netzchah as this energy, for better or worse, has a habit of activating lust. Go and visit Netzchah when you want help with a relationship or a friendship. It will encourage you to awake of your inner child and develop selflessness and unconditional love. This is probably the best place to visit for your alchemical work of love. Here you are taught how to transform lust to love and then how to transform love to unconditional love.

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